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Breaking Kayfabe
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Breaking Kayfabe: Dinner with the Legends of Wrestling

Breaking Kayfabe
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"Breaking Kayfabe"
Dinner with the Legends of Wrestling
by Jeff Bowdren, edited by Scott Teal

  One day, Dave Meltzer and I were in a hotel lobby in Japan.  Kevin Von Erich says, "Let me ask you something ... any of you guys know that dirtsheet writer from California?"
  Meltzer pipes up, "Nope.  Don't know him."
  I swear to God, Kevin Von Erich holds his hands up, puts his hands in position of the Von Erich claw, and says, "I'd love to meet that guy one day."
— Jeff Bowdren, from the interview "My Dinner with Jeff"

  In 2012, three friends — Dan Lambert, Robert Mitchell and John Menhennet — decided to invite one of the legends of professional wrestling to dinner, where they could talk to him about his experiences both inside and out of the squared circle.  They enjoyed themselves so much that they invited other friends — Jeff Bowdren, Bob McKeon, Greg Goode, and Duane Long — to join them for what would turn out to be a series of dinners with the wrestlers they idolized during the '70s and '80s.  The group members, all of whom lived in South Florida and came from all walks of life, began referring to themselves as "The South Florida Marks."

  One of the members, Jeff Bowdren, had been a wrestling fan since the early '70s.  His fascination with the wrestling business led him to visit arenas all over the Southeast, and in 1987, across the Pacific Ocean to Tokyo, Japan, where the wrestling bug bit him hard.

  In 1991, Jeff became the first (and only) person to write a regular column for the "Wrestling Observer Newsletter," one of the first publications to pull back the curtain that hid the behind-the-scenes manipulations of the professional wrestling business.  Since then, Jeff has been known by everyone as "The Booker."

  Since the first dinner he attended, he has taken notes and recorded 24 interviews filled with anecdotes, tales of the road, and wrestling history.  This book is the product of his efforts.

Interviews with: Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Bob Backlund, Dutch Mantell, Gerry Brisco, J.J. Dillon, Jerry Lawler, Kevin Sullivan, Larry Zbyszko, Masked Superstar, Paul Jones, Paul Orndorff, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Ron Bass, Stan Hansen, Steve Keirn, Ted DiBiase, Terry (Magnum TA) Allen, Terry Funk, Terry Taylor, Tommy Rich, Tully Blanchard.

Also included are interviews with Karl Gotch, Great Malenko & Tom Nash

Breaking Kayfabe
Get information about the print edition HERE.

Excerpts from Breaking Kayfabe
Excerpt from the interview with Terry Funk
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  I remember we had this big show in Houston, or San Antonio.  And we booked Tommy Rich to come out of Atlanta and be on our show.  And we were pulling up to the building and I saw this group of young girls, just going crazy.  And they came running towards me.  And I was thinking, "Wow, these girls really want to see me."  And they got close ... and ran right past me and towards Tommy Rich! (laughs)

Excerpt from the interview with Jerry Brisco
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  A tough guy?  I'll tell you what Buzz was.  He was a &#*%@.  He thought he was tough.  He'd work out with me and Jack and go throw up.  I saw it.  He wasn't tough.  He thought he was tough and acted it, but he wasn't tough.

Excerpt from the interview with Ted DiBiase
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  I go up to Vince Sr. before the match and I ask him what he wanted, since I understood they were going to be giving Hogan a big push.  He looked at me and said, "Ted, I trust that you'll know what to do," which was a big compliment, ya know?  So, I go out and put Hogan over.  I get back to the dressing room and Hogan walks up to me and says, "I owe you one."  And I'll tell you what.  He never, ever, forgot that I did that for him.

Excerpt from the interview with Steve Keirn
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  I get a call from Vince McMahon Sr. He tells me he wants me to go to Japan and drop the junior heavyweight title to [Tatsumi] Fujinami.  I said, "I don't have a belt," and he says, "That's okay.  I'm having one made."

Excerpt from the interview with Terry Taylor
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  One thing I knew was that you never fell asleep in a car with Steve (Keirn).  I would be in the backseat, and after I fell asleep, Steve would very quietly pull the front seat up as far as he could, and then he would slam on the brakes, scream as loud as he could, and I would go flying forward, usually onto the floor of the backseat.  And while I was laying there, thinking I was in a car accident, Steve would start pushing the button for the seat to go back ... with me laying there.

Excerpt from the interview with Barry Windham
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  If you ask Dusty, he would say it was him.  I always rode with Dusty and we would listen to cassettes and talk about the business, but I came up with the Yellow Dog idea.  He had an Allman Brothers cassette that we wore out and he loved the Midnight Rider song.  He said, "How can we work this into an angle?"  That's how the Midnight Rider came about.

Excerpt from the interview with Jerry Lawler
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  The table ... and you know, it was kind of my own fault.  I reached out right before he tossed me and grabbed the top rope.  That's why I landed on the side of the table, so when I hit the floor, I knew right away that I was hurt.  Now I was supposed to get up and go back into the ring for my big comeback, but I knew that wasn't gonna happen.  As I'm laying there, Eddie Marlin comes running up to me and says, "Hey, Jerry, that looked really good.  Maybe you should just stay down," and I kinda turned my head and said, "Yeah, that's not gonna be a problem, Eddie."

Excerpt from the interview with Larry Zbyszko
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  I mean, that guy was scary.  I saw him and Billy Robinson one night ... and they were really just screwing around.  Billy throws Maivia, and is on top of him, but you know, face to face.  All of a sudden, Robinson starts screaming, and we can't figure out what's wrong, and then we notice the blood forming on Billy's shirt.  Maivia had begun biting his chest ... and I don't mean a little bit.  I mean, he was chewing off chunks of his chest like he was an animal.  It was scary.

Excerpt from the interview with Tommy Rich
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  Pfffft.  Big wannabe tough guy.  Acts like he's so tough, like he was Steve Dr. Death.  I went down and worked a Superdome show for him and I was like third from the top.  You know how much he paid me?  One hundred fifty dollars.

Excerpt from the interview with Arn Anderson
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  Right after we had done the angle with Dusty, we were up there and we were in a six-man tag against Dusty and the Road Warriors.  Dusty heads down the aisle and he's wearing their face paint.  As they are coming down the aisle, this (pause) ... I don't know, roar starts emerging from the back of the arena and follows them up to the ring.  It was the loudest thing I think I ever heard.  I looked at Tully and said, "Whattaya think?"  He says, "I think I'm getting' the hell out of here," and drops out of the ring.  It was great.

Excerpt from the interview with Bill Eadie
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  I'm zipping along and I see the red lights behind me and I pull over.  The cop walks up and asks where I was going in such a hurry.  Well, I had bladed in my match with Slater and had a bandage over it.  When he came walking up, I took it off.  When he asked me about my speed, I pointed to my head, which was still bleeding.  I told him I was looking for a hospital and that's why I was going so fast.  The cop looks at me and says, "That's a pretty good story, but unfortunately, Slater told me the same one about five minutes ago when I pulled him over."

Excerpt from the interview with Magnum TA
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  They actually paid me through the entire contract.  They eventually brought me in as an announcer, but when Dusty left and Jim Herd came in, he calls me in and tells me that he wants me to go to sort of a broadcasting school.  I was like, "Okay, whatever", and then a couple of days later, they called me up and fired me over the phone.

Excerpt from the interview with Terry Funk
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren


Excerpt from the interview with Paul Jones
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  One night we were at a bar and Andre asks me to introduce him to a girl, so I do, and he is off talking with her most of the night.  At the end of the night, he goes to leave with her, except she's driving a VW bug.  I'm watching Andre try and squeeze into the car, and all I'm thinking is, "Man, he really wants to get laid!"

Excerpt from the interview with Ricky Steamboat
  Copyright © Jeff Bowdren

  Ric and I had the return match on TV.  During the match, he gave me a hardway shot to the eyebrow.  I remember right before he hit me, he said, "Sorry, kid," and then he potatoed me.  I rolled out of the ring and they threw a towel over my head and led me back to the dressing room.  They had sent David Crockett to the hardware store to get some sandpaper.  Harley told me to sit in the chair and then told a couple of guys to hold my arms.  He then came behind me, grabbed my hair, and started rubbing the skin around my eye until it was raw.  A couple minutes later, I went out and cut my promo in front of the cameras.

Breaking Kayfabe
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Chapter titles and contents
Bowdren the Booker
  Dan Lambert
  Greg Goode
  Robert Mitchell
  Bob McKeon
  Ivan Koloff
  Kevin Sullivan
  Terry Funk
  JJ Dillon
  Gerry Brisco
  Paul Orndorff
  Ted DiBiase
  Steve Keirn
  Ric Flair
  Terry Taylor
  Barry Windham
  Jerry Lawler
  Larry Zbyszko
  Tommy Rich
  Arn Anderson
  Masked Superstar
  Tully Blanchard
  Stan Hansen
  Ron Bass
  Terry (Magnum TA) Allen
  Paul Jones
  Ricky Steamboat
  Dutch Mantell
  Bob Backlund
  My Dinner with Jeff, by Scott Teal
  Karl Gotch
  The Great Malenko
  Tom Nash

Breaking Kayfabe
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Albano, Lou
All Japan Pro Wrestling
All Japan Women
Allen, Ted
American Wrestling Association (AWA)
Anderson, Arn
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Anderson, Ole
Andre the Giant
Andrea the Lady Giant
Angle, Kurt
Apter, Bill
Arena Report
Armstrong, Bob
Armstrong, Brad
Ash, Bill
Assirati, Bert
Asuka, Lioness
Atlanta City Auditorium
Atlas, Tony
Austin, Steve
Baba, Shohei
Baby Doll
Backlund, Bob
Baker, Ox
Baltimore Colts
Barbarian, The
Barnett, Jim
Barretta, Jumbo
Bart, Black
Bash in Baltimore
Bass, Don
Bass, Ma
Bass, Ron
Bass, Sam
Bassarab, Ben
Battle of the Belts
Baum, Howard
Baumgartner, Bruce
Becker, George
Beefcake, Brutus
Benoit, Chris
Benoit, Chris
Billington, Tom (see Dynamite Kid)
Bischoff, Eric
Black Bart
Blackwell, Crusher
Blanchard, Joe
Blanchard, Tully
Blood, Richard
Bockwinkel, Nick
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Bottoms, Verne
Bowdren, Andy
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Charleston Armory
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Continental Wrestling Federation
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Cowan, Wayne (see Mantell, Dutch)
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Dark Journey
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Death Row
DiBiase, Iron Mike
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Duggan, Jim
Dundee, Bill
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Duran, Roberto
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Four Horsemen
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Fujiwara, Yoshiaki
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Funk, Jr., Dory
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Gagne, Verne,
Galento, Mario
Gallagher, Jon
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Gilbert, Eddie
Gladiator, The
Global Wrestling Federation
Gomez, Pepper
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Goodish, Frank
Gordon, Guillotine
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Gotch, Karl
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Kobashi, Kenta
Kobayashi, Shozo
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Koloff, Nikita
Korakuen Hall
Kowalski, Killer
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  Lano, Dr. Mike
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Marvez, Alex
Masami, Devil
Mascaras, Mil
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Matsumoto, Dump
Matuszak, John
Mauler, Missouri
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McGhee, Scott
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McGuirk, LeRoy
McKenzie, Tex
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Thesz, Lou
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Tokyo Pro Wrestling
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Watts, Bill,
Watts, Erik
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Yamamoto, Tojo
Yamazaki, Kazuo
Yatsu, Yoshiaki
Yellow Dog
Youngblood, Jay
Zambuie Express
Zane, Tony
Zbyszko, Larry
Zumhofe, Buck

Breaking Kayfabe
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