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Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2

Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2

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Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2
Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2 print edition
Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2

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Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2
Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2 print edition

  In this second volume of "Wrestling Archive Project," you will find interviews with the professional wrestling legends of yesteryear.  Scott Teal, the man behind Crowbar Press, conducted most of these interviews in the days when the wrestlers refused to open up and break the code of "kayfabe."  And yet, because of his friendship with them over several decades, they talked openly and told their stories in a frank, candid manner.

  The "MAIN EVENT" for this volume is an interview with KILLER KARL KOX.  Karl steadfastly refused to grant an interview to anyone other than Scott, and he leaves no stone unturned as he tells his story.  Youíll feel as if youíre sitting across the kitchen table from Karl as he relates his life story and talks about the wrestling business and the people with whom he crossed paths during his career.

  Three other exclusive, never-before-published interviews appearing in print for the first time are with Jackie Fargo, Larry Cheatham & Kody Kox, and filling out the 386-page book are interviews with Bob Orton Sr., Count Billy Varga, Bulldog Bob Brown, Gentleman Ed Sharpe, J Michael Kenyon, Lou Thesz, Maniac Mike Davis, Sailor Art Thomas, Karl Von Stroheim, Tom Jones & Violet Ray.  They all open up to Scott with details about their lives and careers as they have with no one else — before or since.  Plus, Jody (Assassin) Hamilton talks about his brother, the Missouri Mauler.  Finally, we have interviews with two legends of the American Wrestling Association (AWA) conducted by Minnesota wrestling historian George Schire.

  Scott Teal has returned to doing what he does best — sitting down with the wrestling legends and asking them tough, probing, insightful questions that give us an insight into what professional wrestling was all about in the days before "sports entertainment" became vogue.  Go behind the scenes with the true legends of professional wrestling with indepth, hard-hitting, no-holds-barred interviews.

Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2
Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2 print edition
Chapter titles
Foreword by Scott Teal



  This is the first and only time Karl opened up about his life and career.  In this interview, he talks about —

—  wrestling Ruffy Silverstein at the YMCA in Baltimore
—  wrestling under a mask during the early part of his career
—  how he got the name Killer Karl Kox
—  Sputnik Monroe puking on his dashboard
—  the goose in Lubbock, Texas, that crapped all over the ring
—  throwing rotten eggs with Art Nelson at promoter Mike London
—  his true feelings about Fritz Von Erich
—  using the brainbuster on Giant Baba
—  the promoters he liked, and those he didn't
—  the dead wallabee in a fancy hotel
—  working in Australia for Jim Barnett
—  double-crossing a police inspector
—  killing a spot show town with Spiros Arion
—  teaching Playboy Gary Hart to swim
—  helping Steve Keirn ask for a divorce
—  Gory Guerrero saving him for being stabbed
—  a "blind" Junkyard Dog working the fans
—  teaching a young Tommy Rich a few things about punching
—  wrestling Lou Thesz behind the concession stand
—  the Sheik having the commission suspend him in Michigan
—  how he came up with the idea for his imaginary friend, Alex
—  and much, much more!

Baron Von Raschke
Count Billy Varga
Bob Orton Sr.
Bulldog Bob Brown
Gentleman Ed Sharpe
J Michael Kenyon
Jackie Fargo
Jody Hamilton on The Missouri Mauler
Karl Von Stroheim
Kody Kox
Larry Cheatham
Lou Thesz
Maniac Mike Davis
Nick Bockwinkel
Sailor Art Thomas
Tom Jones
Violet Ray

Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2
Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2 print edition

 Excerpt from the interview with Killer Karl Kox
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  When it come time for us to go in the ring, the guy made all the announcements, then he told the people that we were gonna go one hour through.
He told the people?
  Yeah.  He told the people, "This is gonna be a one-hour match and theyíre gonna go one hour through."   Boy, I looked at Spiro, and he looked at me.  Well, the bell rang and we got into it immediately ... out of the damn ring we went.  They had these sheetrock walls.  I threw a chair at Spiros and it went through that damn sheetrock wall.  We literally tore up the damn place. (laughs)  I mean, we tore it up!  We broke tables, chairs.  Meanwhile, this guy was going crazy.  Spiros gets in front of him and I grab a big piece of sheetrock.  I went to hit Spiros and Spiros moved ... BAM!  I broke that sheetrock over that guyís head.  Down he went!  We just kept it up.  The guy was going crazy around ringside with the damn microphone hollering, "No, no, no!  This is the way itís supposed to be!  You werenít supposed to do this!"
Excerpt from the interview with Baron Von Raschke
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  Not too many people remembered regular, old Jim Raschke.  He was a pretty mild, background type of guy.  Very few of them even remembered him.  There was one guy who always stood outside the ramp going into the St. Paul Auditorium.  Heíd always yell, "Jim Raschke!  Youíre Jim Raschke!"  Other than that, I never had any problem.
Excerpt from the interview with Count Billy Varga
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  In many cases, I didnít get the money I had coming to me.  The promoters used all kinds of creative math to taint the results.  I know damn well that they sifted the money.  They threw it in a box and whatever fell out was mine.  I had trouble in Ohio with Al Haft.  When I went into Columbus, everything was way down.  When things started selling out, the payoff didnít change.  I stormed into his office.  "What are you trying to tell me ... that they were all passes?" (laughs)  I told him, "Thatís my last match," and I left.
Excerpt from the interview with Bulldog Bob Brown
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  Another one, me and Bob Geigel wrestled the Hamilton brothers [Larry and Joe] in Quincy, Ilinois, and the place was jam packed.  We went to an hour draw and the people were just pissed off because they had us beat throughout the match.  Afterwards, we went across into Missouri and stopped in a gas station to get a six-pack.  Bob got out and, when he was coming back, these guys got out of their car and said, "Yeah, you think youíre tough, right?"
  Bob said, "Yeah, you want a piece of me?" ó and he set the beer down.  The guys started walking forward, but for some unknown reason, all the guys ran away, got into their car, and drove off.  Bob looked around and there I was with a double-barrel shotgun.  Geigel later told me that he wondered, "Am I that tough?"  That story still goes around today.  He thought he was the greatest tough guy around, until he turned around.
Excerpt from the interview with Bob Orton Sr.
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
Homer OíDell took over at that point.  He pulled out a .44 Magnum that wasnít even loaded, stood over me, and thatís what kept the people back.  Two or three guys then pulled me out, but it was Homer standing his ground that kept the crowd away.  Malenko was leaking like a sieve and took 33 stitches in his abdomen.
Excerpt from the interview with Gentleman Ed Sharpe
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  They wanted Mike to put Pat over for the world championship, but Mike just didnít want to do it.  He told me, "Iím going home."  I took him to the airport and he left.  Actually, Mike and his wife separated, so Mike left in the middle of the night. (laughs)  I went to Morris and asked him what I should do.  He said, "You can stay here as long as you want."  I did.  I stayed as Ed Sharpe.
Excerpt from the interview with J Michael Kenyon
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  There was a kid at ringside.  In New York, kids brought these huge autograph books.  In later years, when I traveled with the ballclubs, weíd come into a hotel and there would be 25 kids there would autograph books.  They knew exactly when teams were coming in, where they stayed, and everything, so they could get the autographs.  So thereís a kid at ringside with one of those huge books.  He mustíve had every autograph (pause) ... who knows what was in there.  He hands the autograph book over to Murphy.  Murphy nods and smiles at him, takes the autograph book, and the pen that the kid hands him.  He breaks the pen in half and tears the autograph book to shreds.  The kid just collapsed in tears.  It was hysterical.  This wasnít a work ... at least as far as he was concerned.
  (laughs)  For that kid, this was the end of the world.  You talk about getting some serious heat.  It was unbelievable.  I thought, "Boy, that takes a lot of courage to do that."
Excerpt from the interview with Jackie Fargo
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  Toots said, "Boy, youíre gonna make some big money."  In fact, he wanted to put me under contract.  He guaranteed me something like $2,000 a week.  That was (pause) ... man, listen!  I made so much money.  I had money stickiní out of both pockets.  I was wearing tailor-made suits and $75 alligator shoes, smoking five-dollar cigars.  I was buying new cars ... well, you know how it is.  I was used to making a hundred dollars a week.  I walked in Madison Square Garden and everybody said, "Toots, youíre crazy puttiní that man on the main event against Argentina Rocca and Miguel Perez."
  He said, "Well, weíll see."
  Five weeks before the show, that thing was sold out.  They told people, "If you donít have a ticket, donít come."
Excerpt from the interview with Karl Von Stroheim
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  The night before I got married here in Tampa, we were wrestling in San Juan.  We were in the baseball park and had a huge crowd.  We were wrestling Eddie Graham and Sam Steamboat.  It had been raining earlier in the afternoon and some of the fans at ringside were making mudballs.  Kurt and I pulled some dirty angle and beat Steamboat and Graham.  When the referee lifted our hands into the air as the winners, I turned to the crowd Ö and a mudball sailed right into my eye.  Boom!
  I got married the next day with a black eye and sunglasses. (laughs)  It was wild down there.  The Bahamas were wilder yet.  They throw stones.  Gene Kiniski and Lou Thesz were in Freeport one night.  Kiniski got a big rock on the side of the face and Lou got one in the head.  They were ready to take off.
Excerpt from the interview with Kody Kox
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  The first story that ever comes to mind had to do with one of the shows at the [New Orleans] Superdome.  It was sold out, a huge house.  [attendance 43,000]  A lot of the wrestlers, my dad included, thought the payoff wasnít what it should have been.  Shortly after that, Watts had a party or something at his house and my dad was there.  It was a really big, nice house and supposedly this was a house that Watts had just bought.  My dad was looking around at the nice house, bought with all the money Watts had earned, and thinking about his payoff.  So, he went up onto the diving board and pulled down his pants and started peeing in the pool.  Watts came out and said, "What the hell are you doing.  Why are you pissing in my pool?"
  My dad said something to the effect of, "Well, I helped pay for the damn thing, so I feel itís my right to piss in it."
Excerpt from the interview with Larry Cheatham
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  It didnít matter to Nick.  He just wanted different faces and different names.  He had a mummy outfit.  I donít remember who he told me to call, but Nick told me to call one of the referees before I went to Huntsville.  When I did, the guy told me to stop by his place and pick up the mummy outfit.  I wrestled quite a few shows as "The Mummy."  That first night in Huntsville, I got out of the car and started walking across the parking lot.  I sort of dragged my leg behind me. (laughs)  I used to watch the mummy on TV and I tried to act like that.  I thought I really looked like the mummy.  This old girl standiní there says, "Thatís Larry Cheatham!  You canít fool nobody."
  "Shut your mouth."
  Hey, the rats [groupies] knew everybody.  I donít care what you did.  I donít care what you dressed up like.  They knew everything.  That made me mad.  Here I am doing what Nick said and she knew my gimmick before I got started.  I wasnít even in the building.
Excerpt from the interview with Lou Thesz
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  Daro and Mondt were the hated skippers of the entire Southern California operation.  Either of them would have robbed their mother on her death bed.  I hope the revenge on these two guys was sweet for the boys who testified.  These two were totally amoral.  My disgust with them followed to me the days when Mondt was back in the New York office and the squabble went on with the NWA.  I may have worked with them more readily had Mondt not been involved.  I knew I would be watching my back every step.  I also made myself a promise to never put another dime in his pocket.  He just didnít know how to play nice.  Yes, I think the boys testified out of revenge.  In fact, I am surprised Daro died in bed at a ripe old age.
Excerpt from the interview with Maniac Mike Davis
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  Barry Windham walked up to me afterwards and said, "Thatíll be the first of many."  Of course, it wasnít a belt.  We actually lugged a seven-foot trophy around.  They had ordered the belts.  (Mike) Rotundo and I had to ride alone because the trophy took up the whole back seat.  We had to break it down and build it ... twice a day. (laughs)  In fact, when Bass and Bart won the belts from us in West Palm Beach, it was the first day the belts were there.  I slid out of the ring and kicked the hell out of the trophy because J.J. [Dillon] was gonna take it home as a souvenir. (laughs)  All he could say to me was, "You bastard!" (laughs)
Excerpt from the interview with Jody Hamiton, talking about his brother
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  I wasnít around them that much, but he talked a lot about him.  I think their big thing was they loved to argue.  Brute [Bernard] was such an overbearing person.  He was so opinionated ... the only one that dared have an opinion on anything.  Of course, Larry wasnít gonna be overwhelmed by anybody.  From what I understand from some of the guys that rode with them on occasion, they said it was the funniest thing you ever saw in your life.  They sat there and argued back and forth, but they loved each other to death.  Sit there and just argue to beat hell all the way to the town and all the way back.
Excerpt from the interview with Nick Bockwinkel
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  When I went to Houston, my intent was to buy a house.  Even though I was the AWA champion, I would have lived in Houston.  Paul and I had a lot of philosophical points of view in common.  He liked the way I handled myself professionally, and he knew that my philosophy towards booking and promotion coincided very much with his.  If he was still going to be associated with it, he wanted somebody that fit his format.  Paul let me buy ten percent and was willing to let me buy up to 70 percent of the territory.  He wanted to retain 30 percent of it for his nephew [Peter Birkholz].  I bought an additional one percent and was in the process of buying more.
  This was about the time that [Bill] Watts and Fritz Von Erich were like two vultures ready to grab Houston.  It was also about the time that [Vince] McMahon started to make his move.  I still donít know what really happened, but Paul told me that Watts was coming in to talk some business.  I told him to let me know after the meeting what Watts had to say.  I was in Minneapolis at the time.  As it turned out, Watts came in and bought some of Houston.  I was kind of shocked and amazed that Paul would do that, so I left shortly thereafter.  Once Watts got into the picture ... well, what was so strange was that Paul knew Watts was a piranha.
Excerpt from the interview with Sailor Art Thomas
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  Bulldog Brower tried me in some little town outside of Detroit.  He couldnít shoot, though.  Blackjack Mulligan tried it in Madison, Illinois.  Heís gonna shoot with me, so I picked him up and set him over the top rope.  Blackjack jumped back in the ring ... "Art, Art, Art, Art.  Please!  Hey, hey, hey ... we ... weíre workiní now.  Donít be doiní that to me."
  I said, "Thatís what I thought we was doiní."
  He wouldnít speak to me no more, either.  I think their pride was hurt.  A whole lot of Ďem tried me.  But the thing was, I was so nice about it.  I didnít push things, or carry through with it.  I just let Ďem know and then, "Hey, letís forget it."  I think because of my attitude, I got a lot of guys in the business that love me to this day, and I love them, too.  I donít have an enemy in the world. (laughs)  At least none that I know about.  I never looked for any trouble.  Iíd rather get along with the littlest man in the world if I had to.
Excerpt from the interview with Tom Jones
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  I worked for Jack Pfefer one time.  I got in the ring and they announced me as Highway Hamilton.  The problem was, Highway Hamilton was pretty well known, and the people from that area knew who he was.  They all started laughing and shouting, "Highway Hamilton?  Boy, you sure have gotten a dark tan."  Iím sitting there thinking, "What in the hell are they talking about?"  I get back to the dressing room and they told me. (laughs)  He was a white guy and, to make matters worse, that was his hometown. (laughs)  That was Pfefer for you.
Excerpt from the interview with Violet Ray
Copyright 2017 © Scott Teal
  [Jerry Adams] wrestled on some of our shows.  I donít know if he did for any other promoter or not.  The promoters didnít like it when we came into their territory. (laughs)  Marlene Schmidt worked as the Lady Bolo when Tom Renesto was so popular as Bolo in the Carolinas.  Van bought a mask for Marlene and made her Lady Bolo.  Boy, that made Renesto so mad!  He later told me the boys used to tease him and call him Lady Bolo.
Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2
Wrestling Archive Project, volume 2 print edition
Adams, Chris
Adams, Jerry
Adams, Nick
Akbar, Scandor
Alaskan, The (Jay York)
Albano, Lou
Alexander, Ralph
Allen, Bill
Allen, Jack
Altomare, Tony
American Wrestling Association (AWA)
Anderson, Arn
Anderson, Gene
Anderson, Lars
Anderson, Ole
Anderson, Paul
Andre the Giant
Angle, Kurt
Anoai, Sika
Antonation, Lloyd
Arcidi, Red
Arion, Spiros
Armstrong, Bob
Armstrong, Brad
Assassin, The Cuban
Assassins, The
Astea, Luis
AT shows
Atkins, Fred
Atlas, Tony
Austin, Steve
Baba, Shohei
Babcock, Curtis (Shorty)
Backlund, Bob
Balkin, Leon
Ballard, Frances
Barnett, Jim
Barr, Jesse
Barry O (Orton)
Barry, Soldier
Bart, Black
Bashara, Ellis
Bass, Ron
Bastien, Red
Bauman, Kit
Bavarian Boys, The
Baxter, Tarzan
Beard, James
Bearer, Paul
Behrend, Fred
Bell, Al
Bell, Kay
Bell, Mattie
Bernard, Brute
Berry, Wild REd
Beyer, Dick
Bianchi, Al
Big K
Big O
Big Red
Birkholz, Peter
Bishop, Dick
Black Panther, The
Blackburn, Stanley
Blackwell, Jerry
Blair, Brian
Blanchard, Joe
Blanchard, Tully
Blassie, Fred
Blears, Lord James
Blimp, Lady
Blond Bomber (Ramona Walling)
Bockwinkel, Darlene
Bockwinkel, Dennis
Bockwinkel, Nick
Bockwinkel, Warren
Boesch, Paul
Bollas, George
Bolo (Joe Hamilton)
Bolo, Lady
Bolo, The Great (Tom Renesto)
Booker T
Borne, Tony
Boston Arena
Bothner, George
Bounty Hunters, The
Bowser, Paul
Boyer, Bob
Boyette, Grenade
Boyette, Mike
Bozic, Fred
Bradshaw, Justin
Brannigan, Buck
Bravo, Dino
Brawner, Jim
Brazil, Bobo
Brexler, Otto
Brisco, Jack
Brisco, Jerry
Brito, Gino
Brody, Bruiser
Brooks, Killer Tim
Brower, Bulldog
Brown, Bearcat
Brown, Bulldog Bob
Brown, Denny
Brown, Dorothy
Brown, Leroy
Brown, Luke
Brown, Orville
Brown, Rainbow
Brown, Sweet Georgia
Bruiser, Dick the
Brumbaugh, Gary
Brunzell, Jim
Bryla, Bob
Buff, John
Burke, Billy
Burke, Mildred
Burke, Tom
Burns, Farmer
Butcher, Abdullah the
Cain, Frankie
Calhoun, Haystack
Capral, Ed
Carey, Jim
Carnera, Primo
Carollo, Joe
Carpentier, Edouard
Carreon, Tito
Carson, Don
Carter, Jimmy
Carter, Lillian
Carter, Marshall
Carter, Nick
Casey, Steve
Cash, Porkchop
Castelli, Vince
Castillo Jr., Hurricane
Cauliflower Alley Club
Cazana, John
Chance, Dean
Channing, Carol
Charles, Tony
Chase Hotel
Cheatham, Larry
Cheatham, Ron
Cheatham, Tracy
Chene, Larry
Chewacki, Chief
Chilhowee Park (Knoxville)
Chono, Masahiro
Christy, Jerry
Christy, Vic
Chuy, Don
City Auditorium (Atlanta)
Civic Auditorium (Seattle)
Clark, Dazzler
Clark, Sailor Jim
Clayton, Max
Cleary, Dennis
Cleveland Arena
Cobo Hall
Coffey, Charlie
Collins, Ted
Colůn, Carlos
Colt, Buddy
Condello, Tony
Condrey, Dennis
Continental Wrestling Association
Conway, Tiger
Cook, Charlie
Cornette, Jim
Cortez, Chico
Cow Palace (San Francisco)
Cox, Carl (see Kox, Killer Karl)
Cox, Dynamite Joe
Cox, Ted
Crawford, Dandy Jack
Crimson Terror
Crockett Jr., Jim
Crockett Sr., Jim
Cross, Johnny
Crusher, The (Reggie Lisowski)
Culkin, George
Curry, Bull
Curry, Fred
Curtis, Don
Curtis, Dotty
Curtis, George
Czarian, Mike
Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Sportatorium
Dan Gable Wrestling Hall of Fame
Daniels, Bearcat
Darnell, Billy
Daro, Lou
Davis, Bobby
Davis, Danny
Davis, Krippler Karl
Davis, Mike
Davis, Ron
Dawn Eagle, Princess
Dean Jr., Man Mountain
DeLaun, Donna
DeMarco, Paul
Demchuck, Johnny
Demetral, Jimmy
Denver Broncos
DeRusha, Al
Destroyer, Sensational, Intelligent
Diamond, Paul
Diamond, Roy
DiBiase, Mike
DiBiase, Ted
Dillon, J.J.
Dog, Junkyard
Dog, The (Larry Cheatham)
Doink the Clown
Dolly, Roger
Donovan, Dandy Jack
Donovan, Doug
Donovan, Red
Douglas, Bubba
Downs, Johnny
Doyle, Johnny
Dr. Death 1 & 2
Dr. Death
Dr. X
Draap, Andre
Dream, The
Dromo, Bill
Dudley Boys
Duncum Jr., Bobby
Duncum, Bobby
Dundee, Bill
Dupre, Emile
Dusek, Joe
Dusek, Rudy
Dykas, Marvin
Dykes, Jimmy (J.C.)
Eadie, Bill
Eagle, Don
Eagles Auditorium (Seattle)
Eakins, Ike
Eaton, Aileen
Eaton, Bobby
Eaton, Cal
Eckert, Ray
Eddie Graham Sports Arena
Einhorn, Eddie
El Diablo
El Mongol
El Paso Coliseum
Elliott, Harry
Ellis, Cowboy Bob
Ellison, Lillian (see Moolah, Fabulous)
Embry, Eric
Eric, Yukon
Estes, Balk
Etchison, Ronnie
Fabiano, Lou
Fargo, Charlotte
Fargo, Don
Fargo, Honey Boy
Fargo, Jackie Mae
Fargo, Jackie
Fargo, Joey
Fargo, Robert
Fargo, Roughhouse (see Fargo, Sonny)
Fargo, Sonny
Farhat, Ed (see Sheik, The)
Faulk, Edward
Fenton, Rod
Fernandez, Manny
Fields, Bobby
Fields, Don
Finley, Gerald
Firpo, Pampero
Fitzpatrick, Rocky
Flair, Ric
Flanagan, Pat
Fleming, Mark
Foley, Mick
Forrester, Dave
Fort Homer Hesterly Armory (Tampa FL)
Foti, John
Fraley, Pat
Francis, Billy
Francis, Ed
Franklin Park Hotel
Freebirds, The
Freeman, Ace
Freeman, Herbie
French Angel, The
Friend, Percival A.
Fuji, Mr.
Fuller, Buddy
Fuller, Robert
Fuller, Ron
Fulton, Bobby
Funk Jr., Dory
Funk Sr., Dory
Funk, Jimmy Jack
Funk, Terry
Gagne, Greg
Gagne, Verne
Galento, Mario
Gallagher, Doc
Gallagher, Mike
Gama, Great
Garcia, Chico
Garcia, Juan
Garibaldi, Gino
Garibaldi, Leo
Garvin, Jimmy
Garvin, Ronnie
Garvin, Terry
Gattoni, Baron
Gauchos, The
Gehrig, Don
Geigel, Bob
George Jr., Gorgeous
George, Ed Don
George, Mike
George, Pinkie
Georgia Championship Wrestling
Gerwig Jr., Herb
Gerwig, Cody (see Kox, Kody)
Gerwig, Linda
Gerwig, Steve
Gerwig, Tucky
Gibson, Joy
Gibson, Robert
Gi-Gi Rogers
Gilbert, Doug (The Pro)
Gilbert, Eddie
Gilbert, Peggy
Gilbert, Tommy
Gilpin, Lucky
Gladiator, the
Global Wrestling Federation
Glover, Michael
Godoy, Pedro
Golden Gloves tournament
Golden, Bill
Golden, Jimmy
Gomez, Pepper
Gonzales, Jose
Gordienko, George
Gordy, Terry
Gorgeous George
Gorgeous Georgia
Gotch, Fran (Frances Ballard)
Gotch, Karl
Gotch, Young
Gouldie, Archie (see Stomper, The Mongolian)
Goulet, Rene
Graham Jr., Crazy Luke
Graham, Billy (Boston guy)
Graham, Crazy Luke
Graham, Dr. Jerry
Graham, Eddie
Grange, Harold (Red)
Grappler, The (Len Denton)
Green, Bill
Greene, Al
Greene, Don
Greensboro Coliseum
Griffin, Eddie
Grissom, Marquis
Grobmier, Fred
Grupe, Red
Guerrero, Chavo
Guerrero, Gory
Guerrero, Hector
Guerrero, Mando
Guido, Little
Gulas, George
Gulas, Nick
Gunkel, Ann
Gunkel, Ray
Gustafson, Cliff
Guy, Jim
Hader, Jack
Hady, Jim
Haft, Al
Hall, Dennis
Hamby, Bob
Hamilton, Al
Hamilton, Highway
Hamilton, Joe
Hamilton, Larry (see Mauler, Missouri)
Hamilton, Rocky (see Mauler, Missouri)
Hansen, Stan
Harben, Charlie
Harris, Don
Harris, Ricky
Harris, Ron
Hart, Gary
Hart, Stu
Hawk, Johnny
Hawk, Ken
Hawk, Rip
Hayes, Lord Alfred
Hayes, Michael
Heenan, Bobby
Heideman, Johnny
Heiniemi, Larry (see Anderson, Lars)
Hennig, Curt
Hennig, Larry
Henning, Bulldog Lee
Henning, Johnny
Henry, Mickey
Herbert, Handsome
Hesser, Samuel
Hickerson, Phil
Hickey, Frank
Hines, Bad Boy (Jimmy)
Hines, Billy Boy
Hodge, Danny
Hoffman, Horst
Hogan, Hulk
Hollywood Legion Stadium
Holmes, Captain
Holmes, Ernie
Hornby, Fred
Horner, Tim
Houston, Sam
Howard, Elston
Howe, Jack
Hubbard, Hobie
Humperdink, Sir Oliver
Hunter, Rock
Hussian, Arman
Hutton, Dick
Idol, Austin
Inoki, Kanji
International Wrestling Association
International Wrestling Federation (LA)
Interns, The
Invader, The
Iron Kettle, Chief
Ito, Mr.
Jack, Cactus
Jackson, Action
Jackson, Mike
Jackson, Skippy (Mark Lewin)
Jacobs, Rudy
Jaggers, Bobby
James, Jesse
Jannetty, Marty
Jardine, Don
Jares, Brother Frank
Jarque, Gregory
Jarrett, Christine
Jarrett, Jeff
Jarrett, Jerry
Jay, Kenny
Jewell, Matt
Joe, Gypsy
Johnson, Dwayne
Johnson, Rocky
Johnson, Scooter
Johnson, Steve
Jonathan, Don Leo
Jones, Bearcat
Jones, Bobby
Jones, Cannonball
Jones, Casey
Jones, Henry
Jones, Paul (promoter)
Jones, Paul (wrestler)
Jones, Paul
Jones, Rufus R.
Jones, Tom
Jumbo, Mighty
Kabuki, The Great
Kace, Johnny
Kalt, Don
Kangaroos, The Fabulous
Kansas City (territory)
Karasick, Al
Karbo, Crazy Chuck
Karbo, Wally
Karlsson, Swede
Karras, Gust
Kate, Hillbilly
Kaufman, Andy
KCPQ-TV Tacoma
Keirn, Steve
Kelly, Owen
Kennedy, John F. (assassination)
Kent, Jimmy
Kentuckians, The
Kenyon, J Michael
Kenyon, Joan
Keomuka, Duke
Keomuka, Jimmy
Kesz, Lou
Ketonen, Paavo
Kiel Auditorium
Kiniski, Gene
Kirby, Roger
Kitao, KŰji
Klein, Louie
Kohler, Fred
Kolonie, Tony
Kondylis, George
Kovacs, Sandor
Koverly, KO
Kowalski, Killer
Kox (origin of name)
Kox, Killer Karl
Kox, Kody
Kozak, Nick
Krupp, Karl
Kwariani, Kola
Kyle, J.D.
Kyle, Steve
Ladd, Ernie
Lady Assassin
LaFitte, Jean
Lake, Greg
Lampey, Tom
Landel, Buddy
Lane, Tommy
Lansky, Meyer
Lanza, Black Jack
Latham, Larry
LaVerne, Fern
Lawler, Jerry
Laxton, Hollywood Elvis
Laye, Charlie
LeBell, Gene
  Lee, Buddy
Lee, Sky Hi
Leone, Baron Michele
Lesnar, Brock
Lever, Dick
Levin, Dave
Levy, Butch
Lewin, Mark
Lewin, Ted
Lewis, Dale
Lewis, Ed (Strangler)
Link, Rick
Lipp, Louie
Little Bear, Danny
Little Bear, Steven
Little Wolf, Chief
Little, Jack
Live Atlanta Wrestling
Lloyd, Buster
London, Mike
Londos, Jim
Long, Johnny
Longson, Bill
Los Angeles Rams
Lothario, Jose
Louis, Joe
Luger, Lex
Luke, Lumberjack
Luttrall, Cowboy
Lyons, Billy Red
Macon Coliseum
Madison Boxing & Wrestling Club
Madison Square Garden
Madrid, Jan
Malcewicz, Joe
Malenko, Dean
Malenko, Joe
Malenko, The Great
Malone, Pat
Malone, Patsy
Managoff, Bobby
Manning, Rick
Mansfield, Eddie
Mantell, Dutch
Mantell, Johnny
Mantell, Ken
Maple Leaf Gardens (Toronto)
Marconi, Frank
Margo, Marilyn
Marino, Tony
Marlin, Eddie
Marlin, Farmer
Marlin, Tommy
Marshall, Everette
Marshall, Joe
Martel, Rick
Martin, Allen
Martin, Daddy-O
Martin, Terry
Martinelli, Tony
Martinez, Frank
Martinez, Pedro
Mascall, Charles
Mascaras, Mil
Masked Superstar
Matsuda, Hiro
Matysik, Larry
Mauler, Missouri
Mazurki, Mike
McDaniel, Wahoo
McGraw, Bugsy
McGuirk, LeRoy
McGuirk, Mike
McIntyre, Don
McKenzie, Tex
McKim, Red
McLemore, Ed
McMahon Jr., Vince
McMahon Sr., Vince
McMahon, Jess
McMillan, Walt
McMillen, Jim
McShain, Casey
McShain, Danny
Melby, Billy
Melby, James
Memorial Auditorium (Chattanooga)
Memorial Hall (Kansas City KS)
Memphis Mid-South Coliseum
Mephisto, The Great
Mercer, Bill
Metal Maniac, The
Metroplex Wrestling
Meyer, Al
Michaels, Shawn
Michigan athletic commission
Milano, Frank
Milano, Mario
Milano, Tony
Miller, Bill
Miller, Butch
Miller, Dan
Miller, Freddie
Miller, Louie
Miller, Mark
Miller, Mike
Miller, Rudy
Mills, Tiny
Minneapolis Auditorium
Minneapolis Boxing & Wrestling Club
mixed martial arts (MMA)
Miyamoto, Koji
Mondt, Toots
Monge, Carmen
Monroe, Bubba
Monroe, Sputnik
Monsoon, Gorilla
Montana, Lenny
Montero, Rocky
Montreal Forum
Moolah, Fabulous
Moondog Spot
Moore, Archie
Moquin, Larry
Morales, Pedro
Moran, Sailor
Morgan, Crusher
Morgan, Ray
Morton, Ricky
Mosca, Angelo
Moto, Charlie
Mr. Ebony (Tom Jones)
Mr. Wrestling #2
Mr. Wrestling
Muchnick, Sam
Mulligan, Blackjack
Mummy, The
Municipal Auditorium (Kansas City MO)
Murdoch, Dick
Murnick, Joe
Murphy, Skull
Murray, Bob
Myers, Sonny
Mysterio Jr., Rey
Nagurski, Bronko
Nasty Boys
National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)
Natural, The
Negro, Ciclon
Neilson, Art (see Nelson, Art)
Nelson, Art
Nelson, Gordon
New Orleans Superdome
New York Athletic Club (Manhattan)
Newman, Lou
Nichols, Hugh
Nichols, Jackie
Notre Dame Auditorium (Winnipeg)
Novak, David
Novak, Jerry
Nurnberg, Leo
Nurnberg, Skull (see Von Stroheim, Karl)
NWA world junior heavyweight title
Oates, Jerry
O'Brien, Jack
O'Brien, Pat
O'Connor, Pat
O'Dell, Homer
O'Hara, Pat
Okerlund, Gene
Oliver, Greg
Olson, Cliff
Olympic Auditorium
O'Mara, Bill
One Man Gang
O'Neill, Marty
Ono, Takeshi
Orlandino, Vic
Orlando Sports Stadium
Orndorff, Paul
Orndorff, Terry
Orton Jr., Bob
Orton Sr., Bob
Orton Sr., Bob
Orton, Randy
O'Shocker, Red
Oswald, Lee Harvey
Owen, Don
Packs, Tom
Paidousis, Mike
Palmer, B.J.
Pappas, Mike
Parente, Lorenzo
Parker, Dan
Parks, Reggie
Parsons, Iceman
Patera, Ken
Patterson, Pat
Pedicino, Joe
Pťrez Jr., Miguel
Perez, Alex
Pťrez, Miguel
Perschmann, Paul
Pesek, John
Peterson, Jim
Pfefer, Jack
Phantom, The
Piantanida, Ed
Pickett, Rowley
Pierce, Boyd
Pierce, Webb
Pierson, Grey
Pinto, Freddie
Pioneer Press (St. Paul)
Piper, Roddy
Plechas, Bulldog
Plesti, Ed
Plopper, Milford
Plummer, Lou
Poffo, Angelo
Pojello, Karl
Polk, Charlie
Porkchop Cash
Powell, Max
Power Zone Pro Wrestling
Price, Rod
Prichard, Bruce
Pringle, Percy
Puerto Rico
Pullins, Prince
Putski, Ivan
Quinn, Eddie
Quinn, John
Raap, Gus
Race, Harley
Raines, Dick
Ramey, Dr. Ken
Ray, Stevie
Ray, Violet
Red Cloud, Billy
Red Shadows
Reed, Cowboy Ron
Renesto, Tom
Resnick, Ken
Rheingans, Brad
Rhodes, Cody
Rhodes, Dusty
Rich, Tommy
Ringley, John
Ritter, Sylvester
Robert, Yvon
Roberto Clemente Stadium
Roberts, Buddy
Roberts, Cal
Roberts, Jake
Roberts, Lucky
Roberts, Red
Roberts, Ron
Robinison, Billy
Robinson, Claire
Robley, Christopher Buck (see Robley, Phil)
Robley, Phil
Rocca, Antonino
Rock Ďní Roll RPMS
Rock 'n' Roll Express
Rock 'n' Roll RPMs
Rockers, Midnight
Rodgers, Mike
Rogers, Buddy
Rogers, Bummy
Rogers, Tommy
Rohman, Phil
Romero, Ricky
Roop, Bob
Rose, Gypsy
Rose, Pat
Rosie, Rough House
Rossi, Joey
Rossi, Len
Rotundo, Mike
Rougeau, Raymond
Routh, Dave
Royal Rumble
Rubi, Bert
Ruby, Jack
Ruppenthal, Dick
Rutkowsky, Kurt
Ryan, Jack
Sahidi, Lou
Saito, Masa
Sakata, Harold
Sam Davis Hotel (Nashville TN)
Sammartino, Bruno
San Antonio
Sandow, Billy
Santel, Ad
Santos, Tony
Sarpolis, Doc
Sasaki, Haru
Savage, Dutch
Savage, Whiskers
Savoldi, Angelo
Savoldi, Joe
Savoldi, Salvatore
Sawyer Brown
Scharbert, Billy
Schiavnone, Tony
Schire, George
Schmidt, Hans
Schmidt, Marlene
Scicluna, Baron
Scoggins, Doug
Scott, George
Scott, Sandy
Seattle Armory
Seattle Coliseum
Seattle Mariners
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle Seahawks
Seattle Sonics
Senza, Tito
Seward-Hamilton Bonding Business
Sexton, Gary
Sexton, Larry
Shane, Bobby
Shannon, Dick
Sharkey, Babe
Sharpe, Ben
Sharpe, Ed
Sharpe, Mike
Sheepherders, The
Sheik (Ed Farhat)
Shelley, Len
Sherry, Jack
Shire, Roy
Shivers, Austin
Shyer, Harold
Sierra, Dave
Sigel, Morris
Siki, Sweet Daddy
Silver Streak
Silverstein, Ruffy
Silverstone, Dean
Silverstone, Ruth
Simmons, Bobby
Singh, Sabu
Singh, Tiger Jeet
Sirois, Walter
Skaaland, Arnold
Sky, Joe
Slater, Dick
Smith, Charlie
Smith, Grizzly
Smith, Harry
Smith, Shirley
Sneed, John (Johnny)
Snuka, Jimmy
Snyder, Wilbur
Solie, Gordon
Somers, Doug
Sonny (wrestling bear)
Soto, Roberto
Southeastern heavyweight title belt
Southern heavyweight title (Florida)
Southern junior heavyweight title
Southern tag team title (Memphis)
Southside Armory (Indianapolis IN)
Spencer, Betty Ann
Spino, Angelo
Spirit, The
Spittles, Al
Spoilers, The
Sportatorium (Dallas TX)
Sports Arena (Tacoma)
St. Joseph Auditorium
St. Paul Civic Center
Stallone, Sylvester
Stamp, Dennis
Stanlee, Gene
Stanlee, Steve
Starr, Chicky
Starr, Kathy
Starr, Ricki
Starr, Ron
Steamboat, Sam
Stecher, Tony
Stein, Johnny
Steinborn, Dick
Steiner, Rick
Steiner, Scott
Stevens, Don
Stevens, Ray
Stewart, Nell
Stomper, The Mongolian
Street, Adrian
Strongbow, Jules
Sue, Hillbilly
Sugar, Sweet Brown
Sullivan, Eddie
Sullivan, Kevin
Super Sunday
SuperClash 3
Superstar, The Masked
Swedish Angel
Szabo, Sandor
Tanaka, Toru
Tasker, Tiger
Tatum, John
Teal, Scott
Tennessee Wrestling Legends Reunion
Terry, Judo Jack
Texas All-Star Wrestling
Thesz, Charlie
Thesz, Lou
Thomas, Flash
Thomas, Sailor Art
Thomas, Shag
Thompson, Frank (Scotty)
Thornton, Les
Thundercloud, Chief
Tillet, Louie
Tillet, Maurice
Tobin, George
Togo, The Great
Tolos, Chris
Tolos, John
Torres, Alberto
Torres, Enrique
Torres, Ramon
Tragas, Hercules
Tragos, George
Travis, Billy
Truesdale, Tuffy
Tummon, Al
Tunney, Frank
Turk, Alex
Turk, The Terrible
Turk, The
Turner, Ike
Turner, Joe
Turner, Tina
Tyler, Rip
Uline Arena
University of Illinois
Untouchables, The
Usher, Jerry
Vachon, Maurice (Mad Dog)
Vachon, Paul
Valentine, Cowboy George
Valentine, Johnny
Valentino, Mike
Valiant, Jimmy
Van Fleet, Donald
Varga, Count Billy
Varga, Joe
Vertlieve, Dick
Viper, The
Virag, Ede
Von Brauners, Kurt & Karl
Von Erich, Fritz
Von Erich, Waldo
Von Raschke, Fritz
Von Rashke, Baron
Von Stroheim, Karl
Von Stroheim, Kurt
Von Stroheim, Leo (see Nurnberg, Leo)
Von Stroheim, Skull (see Von Stroheim, Karl)
Von Wallick, Fritz
Walker, Arnold
Walker, Johnny
Wallace, Alvin
Walling, Ramona
Wanz, Otto
Warnick, Larry
Warren, Dick
Warrior, Ultimate
Watson, Wild Bill
Watts, Bill
WCCO-TV Minneapolis
Weathers, Tommy
Weingeroff, Saul
Welch, Lester
Welch, Roy
Wentworth, Jack
West, Ronnie
Weston, Stanley
Whatever Happened to Ö?
Whatley, Pez
White Wolf, Billy
White Wolf, Billy
Wiki Wiki, Oni
Williams, Dick
Williams, Hank
Williams, Luke
Wilson, Mary
Windham, Barry
Winnipeg Auditorium
Wizner, Harry
Wolfe, Billy
Wolff, Buddy
Woodby, Ken
Woods, David
Woods, Tim
World Class Championship Wrestling
world light heavyweight title
world tag team title
World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF)
World Wrestling Association (WWA Indianapolis)
World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
World Wrestling Federation (WWF)
wrestling bear
Wrestling Challenge
Wrestling Fans International Association (WFIA)
Wrestling Superstars
Wrestling World
Wright, Bearcat
Wright, Don
Wright, Ron
WWE Legends of Wrestling
Yamamoto, Tojo
Yocum, Judy
Yohe, Steve
York, Sgt. Donny
Young Gorgeous George
Young, Tommy
Zagurski, Bruno
Zaharias, George
Zbyszko, Larry
Zebra Kid (George Bollas)
Zebra Kid (Larry Cheatham)
Zendejas, Juan
Zenk, Tom

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