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  "Classic Wrestling on DVD" is a series of videos taken from several sources, including VHS and DVD.  For years, I've had countless VHS tapes and DVDs scattered around, each containing wrestling footage from the past.  The problem is, there was no organization and I had countless duplicates of matches on the various forms of media.  Now that Iíve retired from my full-time job, Iíve taken on a task Iíve wanted to do for a long time Ö cataloguing and ripping them all to DVD.  Iím also creating custom covers for each DVD with a catalog number on the spine so I can easily find what I want and can arrange them in order on my bookshelves.

  My goal is to bring back your favorite wrestling memories and help you build a wrestling library that will allow you to travel back through the history of the sport.  All videos have been re-authored with professional software.  I have removed commercials, glitches, and attempted to keep each DVD just under two hours in order to maintain the best quality.  When the run time of a DVD is more than two hours, I calculate the best bitrate to use while authoring the video.

  The quality of the videos runs the gamut from fair to very good, although I try to avoid videos of fair or lesser quality and offer only those that are of decent quality.  I also offer professional-looking covers that will allow you to display them on your bookcase and make them easy to catalog.  Finally, the catalog number and title are printed on each disc to give them a professional look, rather than something scribbled with a Sharpie pen.

  Unless otherwise noted, I am offering all DVDs in a case with the custom insert at the affordable price of $5.00.  Two-DVD sets are $8.00.

  I hope you find something exciting in my offerings.   I will be adding new DVDs as often as I can, so check in frequently.  When you do, please remember to refresh your browser so the new additions to the pages will appear.

  All videos are NTSC video and are encoded for Region 1 (U.S. and Canada) only.   They may not work on DVD players in other countries.

VIDEO HOME  |  001-100  |  101-200  |  201-300  |  301-400  |  401-500  |  501-600  |  601-700  |  701-800  |  801-900  |  901-1000  |  

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