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The Greatest Wrestling Ever in the History of Nashville, volume 1
The Greatest Wrestling Ever in the History of Nashville, volume 1

Paperback: 228 pages

Dimensions: 8-1/2 x 11

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Photos: 550 b&w

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ISBN: 978-1-940391-11-3

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The Great Wrestling Venues, Volume 2
The Greatest Wrestling Ever in the History of Nashville
Volume 1: 1907-1960

by Scott Teal & Don Luce
"The Greatest Wrestling Ever in the History of Nashville" is the second in the "Great Venues of Wrestling" series created and published by Crowbar Press and Scott Teal, who worked closely with promoter Nick Gulas and the Gulas-Welch promotion in Nashville during the 1970s.  During that time, Scott traveled and spent time with hundreds of the superstars who worked in the Gulas-Welch territory, listening to them tell stories about the history they had either witnessed first-hand or heard about from those who had been there.

This is the most detailed book every published on the wrestling history of any city in the world.  This comprehensive work covers the matches in the ring and the events that took place behind the scenes from 1907, when big-time pro wrestling first made an appearance in Nashville, through 1960.  For the first time, you can travel down nostalgia lane and enjoy the memories of more than 2,000 wrestling shows and 9,688 matches from a day long gone.

More than 550 illustrations and images — program covers, newspaper headlines and articles, advertisements, and memorabilia — accompany the stories and information to enhance the sensation of traveling back in time.  All this, plus TV match listings, attendance and gate figures, match stipulations, and much more.  This is truly an incredible work that will be referred to over and over by both wrestling fans and historians alike.


— Here are just a few of the things about the history of wrestling in Nashville you'll find in this book —

• The first appearance of "big-time wrestling" in Nashville.
• A main event between a man and his wife ... with surprising results.
• The Greek restaurant owner who lost a large sum of money when he bet on a wrestling match.
• The wrestling promoter accused and tried on the charge of seducing a young girl.
• Pro wrestling dying out in Nashville and coming back to life.
• A look at the first full-time promoters of wrestling in Nashville.
• Complimentary tickets being dropped over the city of Nashville from an airplane.
• The wrestling fan who suffered a heart attack and died while watching the matches.
• The bill passed by state legislators that would regulate boxing and wrestling in Tennessee.
• The wrestling promoter whose main event featured rattlesnakes against a king snake, two blue racers, and a Gila monster.
• The vaudeville entertainer who gave up a successful career on Broadway to promote wrestling.
• Wars between rival promoters battling to maintain or gain control of the city as the power passed from the hands of one promoter to another, and then another.
• Riots with agitated wrestling fans attacking wrestlers and vice versa.
• The reason why bottles were banned from the Hippodrome.
• The history of the Hippodrome and other great venues in Music City.
• The "Indian" wrestler who went on the warpath in a downtown hotel.
• Wrestlers suffering legitimate injuries, including one wrestler whose opponent bit off an inch-and-a-half of his ear!
• The wrestler who was threatened with suspension by the athletic commission for using carpet tacks, red pepper, shoe strings, coat hangers, dumbbells, soft drink bottles, and even “ether” against his opponents.
• A day long gone when ticket prices were 25¢, 40¢, 55¢ & 75¢.
• A section of bleachers collapsing … with 200 spectators sitting on them.
• The origin of Nick Gulas promoting in Nashville and how he built a thriving business when other promoters had failed.
• Arrests, court cases, lawsuits & judgments against wrestlers, promoters and fans.
• The "mud match" during which spectators were protected by a cellophane enclosure.
• The history of the masked Green Shadow, one of the all-time great drawing cards in Nashville rings.
• The soldier who hit the ring and almost unmasked the Green Shadow!
• The masked wrestler whose identity remained a secret until he was forced to unmask after being arrested by police and booked into the city jail.
• The referee who took on six men in a jail cell ... and won!
• The Grand Ole Opry singer who was arrested when he tried to force his way into Cora Combs' dressing room.
• The auto accident that put the world junior heavyweight champion out of action for four months.
• The origin of the "Live Wrestling" TV studio show.
• The night Universal Studio's Frankenstein stalked through the Hippodrome.
• The history of every title ever defended in a Nashville wrestling ring.
• The House of Representatives bill establishing a boxing and wrestling commission in Tennessee.
• Nick Gulas obtaining the franchise to promote wrestling in Memphis.
• A history of wrestling programs sold at the arenas.
• Tex Riley's wife suing gamblers for the $13,000 her husband lost at the gaming tables.
• Police officers staging a "walk-out" in protest of low wages.
• The wrestler shot and killed by his wife.
• The "outlaw" promoter who was a thorn in Nick Gulas' side.
• The lady wrestler killed in an automobile crash.
• The first appearance of the Fabulous Fargos in Nashville.
• Chronological and alphabetical histories of every Nashville promoter.
• A listing of the top 135 wrestlers who made the most appearances in Nashville.




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