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Charles Starrett: Before Durango
Charles Starrett: Before Durango

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Charles Starrett: Before Durango

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Charles Starrett    
  CHARLES STARRETT, a veteran of more than 165 motion pictures, rode tall in the saddle in 131 western movies from Columbia Pictures from 1935-1952, an unprecedented 17 years.  No other western star appeared for the same studio for as long, or starred in as many westerns as the Massachusetts native.

  The last 65 of the Starrett westerns saw him appear as the masked Durango Kid, who rode his white horse Raider across movie screens, righting wrongs initiated by those who operated outside the law.  Although Starrett is best remembered as Durango, the westerns in which he appeared prior to that role were no less action-packed, and were actually better scripted.

  This photo-filled book deals with the 66 earlier Starrett westerns, which spanned the period from 1935-1945.  A synopsis of each film is provided, a list of the major cast members, more than 400 photos, in addition to pressbook advertisement material and rare magazine articles.

  This book rekindles the excitement of those days when Charles Starrett rode his horse across "The Hollywood Range" and ended the evil intent of scores of villains.  Western movies once rules the screens of theaters across the country.  Relive those days in "Charles Starrett: Before Durango."

Charles Starrett Filmography
Gallant Defender
The Mysterious Avenger
Secret Patrol
Code of the Range
The Cowboy Star
Dodge City Trail
Westbound Mail
Two Gun Law
Two-Fisted Sheriff
One Man Justice
The Old Wyoming Trail
Outlaws of the Prairie
Cattle Raiders
Call of the Rockies
Law of the Plains
West of Cheyenne
South of Arizona
The Colorado Trail
West of the Sante Fe
Rio Grande
  The Thundering West
Texas Stampede
North of the Yukon
Spoilers of the Range
Western Caravans
The Man from Sundown
Riders of Black River
Outpost of the Mounties
The Stranger from Texas
Two-Fisted Rangers
Bullets for Rustlers
Blazing Six Shooters
Texas Stagecoach
West of Abilene
Thundering Frontier
The Pinto Kid
Outlaws of the Panhandle
The Medico of Painted Springs
Thunder Over the Prairie
Prairie Stranger
The Royal Mounted Patrol
Riders of the Badlands
  West of Tombstone
Lawless Plainsmen
Down Rio Grande Way
Riders of the Northland
Bad Men of the Hills
Overland to Deadwood
Riding Through Nevada
Pardon My Gun
The Fighting Buckaroo
Law of the Northwest
Frontier Fury
Robin Hood of the Range
Hail to the Rangers
Cowboy In the Clouds
Cowboy Canteen
Sundown Valley
Riding West
Cowboy from Lonesome River
Cyclone Prairie Rangers
Saddle Leather Law
Sagebrush Heroes
Rough Ridin’ Justice
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