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Through the Lens ... Through the Ropes, volume 2: Championship Wrestling from Florida
Through the Lens ... Through the Ropes, volume 2: Championship Wrestling from Florida

Paperback: 150 pages

Dimensions: 6x9

Publisher: Crowbar Press

Photos: 253 b&w

Cover: Full color

ISBN: 978-1-940391-16-8

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Through the Lens ... Through the Ropes, volume 2: Championship Wrestling from Florida

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Through the Lens ... Through the Ropes
Volume 2: Championship Wrestling from Florida

by Scott Teal

This collection of photographs from the territory commonly referred to as "Championship Wrestling from Florida" are some of the best photos ever seen from that part of the country.  The 253 black-and-white photos include publicity stills, candid shots taken in the dressing room, and action pictures from house shows.

Most are being published in this book for the first time, and while some have been seen in arena programs and magazines, they have never been presented in this quality.  All photos were scanned from the original negatives and put through a laborious cleaning, brightening and sharpening process so they appear in this book in the highest quality possible.

Wrestling fans who remember the stars of Championship Wrestling from Florida — Jack Brisco, The Gladiator, Johnny Valentine, Hiro Matsuda, Thunderbolt Patterson, Sam Steamboat, Eddie Graham, Dick Murdoch, and many others — will treasure this beautiful collection of memories for years to come.

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Aldo Bogni
Aldo Bogni-George Harris-Bronco Lubich
Beautiful Brutus
Big O
Blue Demons & Mario Galento
Bob & Pat Valentino
Bob Roop
Bobby Duncum
Bobby Hart
Bonnie Watson
Bronco Kelly
Bronco Lubich
Buddy Fuller
Chris Markoff & Bronco Lubich
Chris Markoff
Ciclon Negro
Ciclon Negro-Sam Steamboat
Cowboy Frankie Lane
Cowboy Luttrall
Dale Lewis
Danny Miller
Dick Murdoch
Don Curtis
Dory Dixon
Dory Funk Jr & Terry Funk
Dory Funk Jr
Duke Keomuka
Dusty Rhodes
Eddie Graham
Eduardo Perez
El Mongol
Flash Monroe
Frank Martinez
Gentleman Ben & Nick Adams
George Grant
The Gladiator
The Great Malenko
The Great Mephisto
Hans Mortier
Hans Schmidt
Harry Smith
Hiro Matsuda & Mr Saito
Hiro Matsuda
The Infernos w/JC Dykes
Jack Brisco
Jack Welch
Jerry Oates
Jim Dalton
Joe Flaherty

  Joe Scarpa & Don Curtis
Joe Scarpa
John Heath
Johnny Valentine
Jose Lothario & Joe Scarpa
Jose Lothario
Karl Krauser
Karl Von Stroheim
Koa Tiki
Krusher Karlson
Leo Garibaldi
Les Welch
Lorenzo Parente
Louie Tillet
Mac McFarland
Man Mountain Mike
The Medics & Dr Ken Ramey
Mephisto & Dante w/Sir Roger Mitchell
Milo Steinborn
The Missouri Mauler
Mr Saito & El Mongol
Mr Saito
Nick Kozak
Outlaws, Dick Murdoch & Dusty Rhodes
Pancho Rosario
Paul DeMarco
Pepe Gomez
Red Bastien
Rene Goulet
The Rising Sun
Roy Lee Welch
Sabu Singh
Sailor Art Thomas
Sam Steamboat
Sam Steamboat-Ciclon Negro
Scandor Akbar
Sherri Lee
Smasher Sloan
Sonny King
Sputnik Monroe
Stu Schwartz
Super Inferno
Tarzan Tyler
Terry Funk
Thunderbolt Patterson
Tom Jones
Wahoo McDaniel & Jose Lothario
Wahoo McDaniel
Wee Willie Wilson




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