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Classic Wrestling Programs #3: Championship Wrestling ACTION, volume 1
Classic Wrestling Programs #3: Championship Wrestling ACTION, volume 1

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Classic Wrestling Programs #3: Championship Wrestling ACTION, volume 1

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Classic Wrestling Programs #3
Championship Wrestling ACTION, Volume 1
by Scott Teal

Programs from the collections of —
Scott Teal, Robert VanKavelaar, George (Crybaby) Edwards & Chuck Thornton


This is the one everyone has been waiting for!  Now you can own every edition of "Championship Wrestling ACTION" published and sold at arenas in Florida for the year 1970!

On March 2, 1970, I went to my second live wrestling show.  It took place in Bradenton, Florida, the small town in which I grew up and lived from 1963 until I left for Tennessee in 1974.  Inside that tiny armory, with the bleacher (cheap) seats no further than a few feet away from the ring, I witnessed the most exciting matches I thought I'd ever see.  Of course, I was still months away from seeing matches at Tampa's Fort Homer Hesterly Armory.  Matches like the Missouri Mauler defending the brass knucks title against Jose Lothario, Jack Brisco challenging Dory Funk Jr. for the NWA world heavyweight title, and years away from seeing Dusty Rhodes make his babyface turn against Pak Song.  Still, as the saying goes, you could have cut the excitement in that little arena with a knife ... as well as the second-hand smoke that hovered just below the ceiling and above the ring lights.

What does that have to do with programs?  Well, the program handed out that night if you can call it that as it was more like a promotional flyer was handed out at that card in Bradenton.  It's one of the most valuable pieces in my memorabilia collection.  Not valuable monetarily, but sentimentally.

Four weeks later, I made my first trip to the Armory in Tampa and discovered the "Championship Wrestling ACTION" programs being sold.  The first issue I bought volume 2, number 13 was the first of many I would purchase over the next several years.  To my delight, many of the people who bought programs that night left them on their chairs when they left the arena.  I quickly gathered up a stack of them and took them home to send to correspondents that I had met through fan clubs columns in the wrestling magazines.

In May 2017, I published the first edition of my own "SLAM-O-GRAM" programs, which in many ways were fashioned after Jerry Prater's "Championship Wrestling ACTION" programs.  I used his ideas as a template for "SLAM-O-GRAM," and in the process, traded programs back and forth with Jerry on a regular basis.  Since I was working for Nick Gulas' wrestling promotion, I seldom made the trip home, so the Florida programs were my one remaining link to the wrestling territory that had captured my attention in 1968.

For several years, one of my goals has been to publish one or more volumes of the Florida programs.  This volume of "Classic Arena Programs, volume 3," which features all the programs for 1970, is the first of what will be a series.  The programs for 1971 are being released at the same time in
"Classic Arena Programs, Volume 4."

I won't publish a book in the "Classic Arena Program" series unless I find all the programs for any particular year.  As of this writing, I have all but three programs for 1972.  Hopefully, they will turn up in someone's collection.  If and when they do, I will immediately begin scanning, cropping, cleaning, and formatting the programs for the next volume.

The programs in this volume come from my personal collection, as well as from Robert VanKavelaar, Chuck Thornton, and Crybaby George Hill.  When George passed away, his collection went to Chuck, and in turn, Chuck loaned them to me for this book.  As such, I feel that it's only right to honor George as one of the contributors to this volume.

Chuck, of course, has always been a major contributor when it comes to program and photo images in my books.  My own collection today is sizable, but when I first began publishing "Whatever Happened to ...?," I had almost nothing.  Chuck was always there to provide images to enhance the stories I told.

In addition to researching almost every city and small town in the state of Florida, Robert VanKavelaar must have the biggest collection of memorabilia from the Championship Wrestling from Florida promotion.  His collection of programs is staggering (although I have some he doesn't and I'm going to lord that over him) and includes, not only the Jerry Prater programs, but the one-sheets like the first lineup sheet I received in Bradenton for towns like Winter Haven, Arcadia, Sarasota, Lakeland, and many others.

So, enjoy this, the first of several volumes of "Championship Wrestling ACTION", the classic arena programs from the great Championship Wrestling from Florida promotion.

Program contents

Championship Wrestling ACTION #1Issue #1
Brisco Bound for Europe?
Lothario Seeks Lewis
The Plain Truth
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #2
Sir Roger Mitchell: Nobility ... or Knave?
The Plain Truth
Dear Uncle Ralph
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #3
Mauler Regains Southern Title!
Cowboy's Corner
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #4
Dale Lewis Due Back!
"Somebody Will Pay for This!" (by Sir Roger Mitchell)
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #5
Where's Kiniski?
Gene Kiniski: Wrestling's Forgotten Man
The Plain Truth
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #6
Special Championship Issue
The World Heavyweight Title: 55 Years of Champions
6 Title Matches Tonight!
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #7
Brisco Takes Florida Title
Matsuda Wins T-Bird!
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #8
Man Mountain Mike ... Giant with a Specialty
"Pretty Boy" Hennig Challenges Brisco
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #9
Dale Lewis & The Mauler ... Can It Last?
Jack Welch: Young Man with a Future
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #10
Mauler Drops Southern Title ... Orton's New Champ
Apollo Coming to Florida
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #11
Jack Brisco Asks: "Where's Big-Mouth?"
Two-Fold Leadership?
"It's Mine!" says Hiro Matsuda
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #12
Pat O'Connor ... Can He Do It Again?
"A Notch on Jesse's Gun"
NWA Eyes New Tag Champs
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #13
Sailor Spoiling for Action!
Eat Your Hearts Out! (by Larry Hennig)
Should the Piledriver be Outlawed
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #14
Patterson Discovers "Green Power"
Jack Brisco: "Mr. Outstanding"
Dear Uncle Ralph ...
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #15
O'Connor vs. Funk ... Action in St. Louis
Lobo Joins Lewis' Legions
Cowboy's Corner
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #16
Sailor Sidelined Again!
Lewis Wins Southern Title
Tom Jones Due to Return
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #17
Lothario, Apollo Win Team Title
A Popular Champion
Be Watching for Big Jim Wilson
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #18
Color Me Successful (by Thunderbolt Patterson)
Hogan Eats Crow
O'Connor Say, "Brisco's the Greatest"
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #19
Carpentier Due Here Soon
Lothario Captures Brass Knux Trophy
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #20
Graham Takes the Big Step
Brisco Wins Popularity Poll
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #21
"I Haven't Forgotten, Malenko"
The Plain Truth
Cowboy's Corner
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #22
No Stopping for Blood
Curtis is the Wrong Guy ... To Push Around, That Is!
Editorial (by Thunderbolt Patterson)
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #23
"I'm Gonna Walk on Matsuda" (by Thunderbolt Patterson)
Boris Bugged by Bench Boredom
Dear Uncle Ralph
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #24
Hiro Matsuda: Portrait of an Individual
Malenko's Masked Behavior Costs Cash
Dear Uncle Ralph
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #25
Matsuda Wins Southern Title!
Thanks a Million! (by Jim Wilson)
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #26
Malenko's Back! Yarooh!
Hercules Bednarski, Portrait of a Powerhouse
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #27
"Any Way You Want It, Patterson" (by Eddie Graham)
Jesse James, No Idol to Mauler
Sailor Art Thomas Says, "Patterson Will Pay For This!"
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #28
"MISTER Patterson To You!" (by Thunderbolt Patterson)
Whose Sleeper is Best?
Dear Uncle Ralph
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #29
"TIny" Smith Due Here Soon
"Permit Me, Respectfully, To Extend These Challenges"
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #30
Graham Tours Orient
George Jr. Eyes Florida Mat Scene
"... Call Him 'Sockeye' Smith!"
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #31
Action in Japan
"Just Call Me Jake" (by Jake Smith)
Dear Uncle Ralph
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #32
Georgia Champ Eyes Florida
"Mr. Smith" Was in Japan
Cowboy's Corner
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #33
"Stragety" or "Green Power"
   ... Which One Spells Success?
Mr. Saito ... Wrestling's Forgotten Man?
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #34
Mephisto Wins Southern Title
Five Grand (by El Lobo)
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #35
Color Me Wealthy
Can Danny Do It Again?
TV Tournament Slated
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #36
Lothario Regains Brass Knucks Title
A Tough Pair (The Outlaws)
Tampa Gets New Promoter
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #37
Funk Sets Records as Champ
Dear Uncle Ralph
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #38
"J Ralph Hogan Is A Liar!"
Behold the New Tarzan Tyler
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #39
"We Ain't Scared of No Old Man!"
Don't Mess With Mister Funk!
Jack's Mad
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #40
There's Only Room For One! (by Dale Lewis)
The Plain Truth
"Tough Luck, Tillet!"
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #41
"Lewis ... You've Had It!"
Ella Waldek Wins Florida Women's Title
Louie Tillet Recovering
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #42
Tarzan Tyler Says, "Thanks"
Louie Tillet Improving
Dear Uncle Ralph
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #43
Murdock & Rhodes: "Don't Call Us Crazy!"
"I'm the TV Champ!" (by Tarzan Tyler)
J.C. Dykes Says, "Get the Red Carpet Ready!"
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #44
Tarzan Tyler Wins TV Tournament!
New Faces in Florida!
Jack & Roy Welch, Two Youngsters with Promise
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #45
"We're Here!"
Pat O'Connor, Still a Champ!
The Plain Truth
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #46
"Come and Get It, Brisco!" (by Tarzan Tyler)
A Most Unusual Contest
Mephisto Regains Southern Title
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #47
"About This Texas Garbage ..."
Tyler's Time is Running Out!
Death Match King Here Tonight!
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #48
Brisco Wins TV Title!
J.C. Dykes Wants Action!
90 Minute Time Limit on Rematch
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #49
"We Got It All, Baby!"
Rene Goulet Wins Southern Title
Green Power Still Gets It (by Thunderbolt Patterson)
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #50
Adios, Outlaws
The Plain Truth
Maleno on TV Next Week
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #49
"We Got It All, Baby!"
Likes & Dislikes (by J.C. Dykes)
Championship Wrestling ACTION #2Issue #50
Tyler Wins Brass Knucks Title
"To A Champion, Victory is Important" (by Rene Goulet)


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