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SLAM-O-GRAM, volume 1
SLAM-O-GRAM, volume 1

Paperback: 213 pages

Dimensions: 8.5x11

Publisher: Crowbar Press

Photos: 217 b&w

Cover: Full color

ISBN: 978-1-940391-13-7

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Classic Wrestling Programs #1: SLAM-O-GRAM, volume 1

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Classic Wrestling Programs #1
SLAM-O-GRAM, Volume 1
by Scott Teal

A full 28 years before Crowbar Press came into existence, Scott Teal introduced his first mainstream publication SLAM-O-GRAM a program sold at the wrestling matches in Tennessee, Alabama & Kentucky.  The first issue was produced and sold on October 10, 1975, and 244 issues were published during the almost five years they were sold in arenas.

The programs weren't the slick, mass-produced programs you find in arenas today.  They were simply photos and articles put together and printed on 11x17 sheets of paper that gave fans the information about their favorites wrestlers and storylines that they needed and wanted.

  The first volume of SLAM-O-GRAM consists of 50 issues, all of which are included in this book.  The programs chronicle an amazing amount of wrestling history, including classic feuds such as Phil Hickerson & Dennis Condrey vs. Jackie & Roughhouse Fargo, the Mongolian Stomper vs. Bob Armstrong, Don Greene vs. Jerry Lawler, the Masked Superstars vs. Tojo Yamamoto & Tommy Rich, and Gorgeous George Jr. vs. Roger Kirby.  Each issue contained stories, interviews, and photos, both posed and action.

Copies of SLAM-O-GRAM programs are extremely rare and only a few wrestling enthusiasts have more than a handful in their collections.  In fact, the first six issues were sold only at the Madison County Coliseum in Huntsville, Alabama, so it's doubtful more than a few, if any, of those issues exist outside of Scott Teal's private collection.  Now, for the first time ever, they are being offered here in book format with each program being re-printed in its entirety.

Volumes two through four, which will contain all the other issues of SLAM-O-GRAM, will be featured in future volumes of this new series, "Classic Arena Programs."

Program contents

SLAM-O-GRAM #1Issue #1
Armstrong, Gomez face Stomper, Kent
The Pressure is Really On
In This Corner, Tojo Yamamoto
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #2
Armstrong speaks out!
"Come and Get It, Tojo" by Dennis Condrey
"I Manage Men, Not Boys!" by Al Greene
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #3
What makes Al Greene Tick?
Armstrong Wins Southern Title
Joey Rossi: A Profile
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #4
"Long Live the King" by Jerry Lawler
Is Al Greene Really Sane?
The Sheik: Man of Mystery
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #5
George Gulas Vows Return
Bounty Hunters Return
Lawler Meets The Sheik
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #6
It We Lose, I'll Quit! by Al Greene
"I'll Be Back, Kent" by Joey Rossi
What's Bobby Dee Up To?
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #7
"We Demand Respect!" by Jimmy Kent
What's Paul Maxwell Up To?
Tommy Gilbert: A Profile
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #8
Will Jerry Lawler Be the Greatest Wrestler of All Time?
Why Don't Gulas & Jarrett Team More Often?
NWA Action in Our Area
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #9
"I'm Not Through Yet" by Jackie Fargo
NWA Action in Our Area
What's Gotten into Don Greene
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #10
"I'm Through Playing Mr. Nice Guy"
Roughhouse Fargo: The Fan's Favorite
NWA Action in Our Area
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #11
Official NWA Bulletin! Terry Funk: New World Champion
NWA Action in Our Area
Paid advertisement by Phil Hickerson
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #12
Kent Asks Rematch ... with a Wrestling Bear
NWA Action in Our Area
Jackie Fargo says, "Phil Hickerson is All Mouth"
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #13
The Welch Brothers—Part of a Great Heritage
NWA Action in Our Area
The Invasion is On ...
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #14
"Keep Your Dirty Fingers Off Our Belts!"
NWA Action in Our Area
"We Like It Dirty"
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #15
The Brawl We Just Had to Investigate
The Feud that Must Be Stopped
The Last of the Fargos: Fabulous Jackie
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #16
Spotlight on Don Anderson
NWA Action in Our Area
"Jackie Fargo is One of the Best!"
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #17
Tiny Frazier: Wrestling's Gentle Giant
NWA Action in Our Area
Jim Kent wants ... ACTION!
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #18
EXPLOSION!  A Battle to the Death!
The Uncensored Truth: Jackie Fargo vs. Phil Hickedrson
The World of the Fargo Brothers
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #19
Spotlight on Randy Fargo
NWA Action in Our Area
Phil Hickerson Mouths Off ...
A Message to the Fans
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #20
Spotlight on Cowboy Frankie Lane
Gallery of Stars
What's Cook Up To?
Autograph Time
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #21
Spotlight on George Gulas & Dennis Hall
Hickerson Enterprises presents ... Photo Gallery
"Bring On Your Champions!" by J.C. Dykes
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #22
Spotlight on Danny Miller
Paid for by Jackie Fargo
Likes & Dislikes by "Honest"J.C. Dykes
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #23
Action! Excitement!
NWA Ring Ratings
Likes & Dislikes by "Honest"J.C. Dykes
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #24
King of the Ring: Ernie Ladd
Photo Gallery
Can Dykes Stand the Pressure?
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #25
WOW! What It Is? by Big Bad John
Photo Gallery
Sir Steve Clements, Gone ... But Not Forgotten
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #26
Spotlight on Don Kernodle
Photo Gallery
Paid Advertisement by Phil Hickerson
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #27
Spotlight on Joey Rossi
Photo Gallery
One Picture = 1,000 Words
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #28
Action!  Excitment!
Muhammad Ali to Battle Antonio Inoki
Justice Has Not Prevailed
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #29
Spotlight on "Nature Boy" Roger Kirby
World Martial Arts Championship
"What It Ain't?" by Phil Hickerson
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #30
Big Bad John photo feature
World Martial Arts Championship
Interview with Roger Kirby
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #31
Spotlight on Tojo Yamamoto
Anatomy of a Tag Team
NWA Action in Our Area
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #32
Wrestling Today ... Tests Supermen
Photo Gallery
Are They Chicken Champs? Schultz & Ash
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #33
Spotlight on Gorgeous George Jr.
NWA Action in Our Area
"Stop Quacking at Me" says Duke Miller
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #34
Winning is Everything by Roger Kirby
NWA Action in Our Area
A Look at An Ugly Duck
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #35
Rick & Yamamoto Seek Title
Photo Highlights: Gorgeous George Jr. vs Roger Kirby
A New Dennis Hall?
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #36
Spotlight on Bearcat Brown
Photo Highlights
Is Hall a Double Agent?
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #37
Spotlight on Bill Dromo
Photo Highlights
Big John Declares "War"
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #38
Spotlight on Buddy Diamond
Photo Highlights
Wrestling's "No. 1" TV Program
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #39
Spotlight on Bob Armstrong
In Memory of Pepe Lopez, Frank Hester & Sam Bass
In This Corner: Highlights of Recent Matches
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #40
Fuller Speaks Out!
In This Corner: Highlights of Recent Matches
Butch Malone & Norvel Austin
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #41
"I'm Glad I'm Perfect" by Gorgeous George Jr.
In This Corner: Highlights of Recent Matches
Bob Armstrong Wins Mid-America Belt
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #42
The Masks Must Come Off
In This Corner: Highlights of Recent Matches
"I Haven't Forgotten, G.G." by George Gulas
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #43
Armstrong is Ready
Meet the Stars: Rip Smith
In This Corner: Highlights of Recent Matches
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #44
NWA Means the World's Greatest Wrestling Stars
Photo Feature
Photo Feature
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #45
The Army Rolls On!
In This Corner: Highlights of Recent Matches
"We're Sick of Flunkies"
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #46
A Personal Feud
Gallery of Stars
Malone-Austin Split
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #47
NWA Changes Ruling
Photo Highlights: Bob Armstrong vs. Roger Kirby
Lawler's Gallery, paid for by Jerry Lawler
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #48
A Humble Apology
"Popularity" is for Losers
Photo Highlights: George Gulas vs. Gorgeous George Jr.
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #49
Paid Advertisement by Al Greene
Rough, Ready, Wrestling's Most Notorious Badmen
The Third Man
SLAM-O-GRAM #2Issue #50
Al Greene Speaks Out — Again!
Photo Highlights: Sylvia Hackney vs. Early Dawn
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