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Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!
Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

Publisher: Crowbar Press
Release date: Oct. 2021

6x9 Perfect Bound

Pages: 312
Words: 173,884
Photos: 128 b&w

Cover: Full color

ISBN: 978-1-940391-39-7

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Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

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Foreword by Jerry Lawler

  Having known Bert Prentice for more than 20 years, I always knew that he would eventually write a book about his experiences in the wrestling business because he had a view of this business from a perspective that very few have ever had an opportunity to see. There is simply nothing he hasn’t done in the business ... sold programs, set up rings, chairs and bleachers, sold tickets, ring announced, cooked hot dogs, cleaned the buildings, refereed, put out posters, produced countless hours of studio wrestling, managed, and on many occasions, wrestled midgets, women, and myself.

  Bert Prentice lived his life with absolutely no filter.  Not many people get to do that.  One of his favorite sayings was, “What other people think about me is none of my business,” and he truly lived that mantra.  In fact, his haters energized him to another level.  It was an amazing thing to watch.  And he didn’t promote shows to be popular; he promoted shows to be profitable and entertaining.

  I loaned him money on several occasions, and he always paid me back more than I gave him, and when he booked me on shows, he always paid me more than what we had agreed on.

  Bert had always been a networker with connections ... not just in wrestling, but in nearly every facet of the entertainment business.  I was constantly amazed at the people – those connected to music, sports, or just about anything going on in Nashville – who called Bert for favors.  If you wanted to get backstage at a sold-out concert, if you wanted a phone number of someone famous, or if you just needed a plumber for a stopped-up toilet, Bert knew someone.

  One of the things I’ll always remember fondly was our lifelong rivalry ... not in the ring, but over baseball.  He loved the Minnesota Twins, while I have never wavered in my support for the Cleveland Indians (the better team, by the way).

  More important than anything else, Bert was my friend.  In the wrestling business, you have many acquaintances, but very, very few friends.  Bert was one of those “few” to me.  In both good times and bad, he was a true friend.  He was always there for me and I hope I was always there for him.  He proved to me personally, on many occasions, that his loyalty knew no bounds.

  By no means did Bert have an easy road in life.  He lived through hard times and struggled to eke out a living in the crazy business of professional wrestling, but he made even the bad times so darn entertaining.  Bert was a master of promoting pro wrestling the old-school way.  In fact, he could have taught the old-school promoters a thing or two about the nuts and bolts of getting butts into the seats.

  If you’re a fan of pro wrestling, you won’t want to put this book down until you read it in its entirety.
Excerpts from Tonight! Tonight! Tonight!

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Chapter titles
Foreword by Jerry (The King) Lawler
Foreword by Mike (Nova) Bucci
Introduction by Scott Teal

1. Beautiful Bert
2. Shorts and Flip-Flops
3. Christopher Alexander Henderson II
4. False Teeth
5. Lady Satan
6. "Juanita's Mad Again!"
7. Beetlejuice
8. "I Ran Into Tammy Faye"
9. The Queen and His Court
10. "No Von Erichs Allowed!"
11. The Dragon Master
12. Addictions
13. The Multi-Gajillionaire
  14. Jerry Lawler's Parade of Human Oddities
15. Autographed Meat Bones
16. A Ring and a Dream
17. "Come Work for Uncle Bert!"
18. The Booking Sheet
19. Running Under the Radar
20. Maple Syrup and Feathers
21. Ken's Gold Club
22. The Warrant
23. Family Entertainment
24. The Little Outlaw Guy
25. Death of an Old Friend
26. The National Anthem
27. Lawler "AND" Dundee
28. If It Doesn’t Say "USA", It’s Not Wrestling

Epilogue by Scott Teal
Photo Gallery


Action 247
Adams, Chris
Adonis, Adrian
Aikman, Troy
Akbar, Skandor
Alford, Jerry
All Elite Wrestling
Allen, Chuck
Allen, Robbie
Alperstein, Paul
Alternative Wrestling Federation
Amazing Red
American Eagles
American Wrestling Association
Anderson, Billy
Anderson, Ole
Andrews, Leslie
Andrews, Max
Andrews, Steve
Animal, Road Warrior
Anthony, Gloria
Arden, John
Arden, Keith
Armstrong, Bob
Austin, Norvell
Badstreet Boys
Bagwell, Buff
Bakker, Tammy Faye
Baldwin, Bonnie
Bambi (Selena Majors)
Bandy, Moe
Banks, Sweet Daddy
Barber, Jerry
Barnett, Jim
Barr, Art
Barr, Sandy
Barrie, Allan
Basham, Doug
Bass, Bobby
Bass, Don
Bass, Nicole
Bass, Sam
Batten Twins
Baxter, Brandon
Baxter, David (Beans)
Beard, James
Bearer, Paul
Becker, Andrew
Becker, Todd
Behrend, Fred
Behrens, Bill
Bennett, Louis
Bennett, Reggie
Berg, Tor
Bernsten, Barry
Big D Pro Wrestling
Big One Flea Market
Big Red
Bischoff, Eric
Black, Billy
Blackstone, Boni
Blanchard, Joe
Blanchard, Tully
Blankenship, Sarah
Blue, Jonathan
Blue, Misty
Bochicchio, Michael
Bockwinkel, Nick
Boesch, Paul
Bond, Nina
Boogaloo Jones
Borash, Jeremy
Boudreaux, Blade
Bovee, Marcial
Bowers, Donna
Bowers, Steve
Boyce, Matt
Britton, Brenda
Brody, Bruiser
Brody, Don
Brody, Howard
Brooks, Tim
Brown, Brickhouse
Brown, Dave
Bruise Brothers
Bruiser, Little
Bruno, Downtown
Bucci, Mike "Nova"
Buchanan, Barry
Burton, Larry
Burton, Rick
Burton, Tom
Cain, Frankie
Carson, Don
Carter, Bob
Carter, Dixie
Carter, Stacy
Carter, TC
Casey, Kevin
Casey, Rick
Casey, Scott
Cavello, Ann
Cavett, Lance
Champion, Chris
Champion, Todd
Championship Wrestling/Indiana
Championship Wrestling/Texas
Charles, Rudy
Cheatham, Larry
Christantello, Donna
Christian, Blake
Christmas for Kids
Christopher, Brian
Clendenning, Billy
Clendenning, Lola
Client, The
CMA Fest
Coble, Kenny
Cochran, Darrell
Coffey, Guy
Cohen, Jeff
Coleman Teleproductions
Coleman, Alan
Colley, Randy
Collins, John
Collins, Ripper
Colorado Kid
Combs, Cora
Combs, Debbie
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Cooley, Wendell
Coraluzzo, Dennis
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Crockett, Jimmy
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Crouch, Ralph
Crue, Motley (David Price)
Crumpton, Sandy
Dallas Sportatorium
Dane, Steven
Daniels, Jeff
Davis, Danny
Davis, Mike
Day, Donna
Dean, Flying Eddie
DeGarmo, Diana
Denton, Len
Devine, Candy
Dickens, Little Jimmy
Dirty Little Dave
Dirty White Girl
Dobratz, Ron
Doll, Steve
Donovan, Chick
Douglas, Matt
Dragon Master
Dream Machine
Dream Warriors
Dreamer, Tommy
Dunaway, Gordon
Duncan, Mike
Dundee, Bill
Dundee, Jamie
Dundee, Samantha
Dunn, Kevin
Dunn, Steven
Durham, Bart
Dusek, Danny
Dusek, Joe
Eadie, Bill
Eden, Styling Shane
Edwards, Alesha
El Grande, Pedro
Ellison, Lillian
Embry, Eric
Engler, Dan
Extreme Championship Wrestling
Fair Park (Dallas)
Faith, Jerry
Falk, L.T.
Falk, Tony
Fargo, Don
Fargo, Freddie
Fargo, Jackie
Fergie, Carl
Ferrara, Ed
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Flair, David
Flair, Ric
Flanagan, Flash
Flowers, Diamond Timothy
Foley, Mick
Fontaine, Eric
Fontana, Lady Cecilia
Forrest, Buck
Four Horsemen
Fox, Christi
Fox, Farren
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Fuller, Buddy
Fuller, Robert
Fuller, Ron
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Gagne, Verne
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Germany, Khris
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Gibson, Ricky
Gibson, Robert
Gilbert, Doug
Gilbert, Eddie
Gilbert, Tommy
Gill, Vince
Glamour Girls
Global Dome
Global Force Wrestling
Global Wrestling Federation
Glover, Michael
Gold, KC
Golden, Terry
Goodman, Howard
Goodman, Larry
Goodman, Rick
Goodman, Vestal
Gossett, Ronnie
Graham, Crazy Luke
Graham, Troy
Gray, TJ
Great Kalua
Great Kokina
Greene, Jack
Griffith, Bill
Griffith, Calvin
Grimm Twins
Guerrero, Hector
Guerrero, Mando
Gulas, George
Gulas, Julie
Gulas, Nick
Gunkel, Ann
Hackney, Sylvia
Hales, Randy
Hales, Stinky
Haley, Neil
Hall, Dennis
Hall, Jerry
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Handsome Stranger
Hansen, Stan
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Harris, Ron
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Hart, Jimmy
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Haskins, David
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Heavenly Bodies
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HemisFair Arena
Henderson III,
   Christopher Alexander
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Hickerson, Lee
Hickerson, Phil
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Honey Love
Honky Tonk Man
Horton, John
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I-24 Expo Center
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Jaggers, Bobby
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Janetty, Marty
Jarrett Jr., Jerry
Jarrett, Christine
Jarrett, Jason
Jarrett, Jeff
Jarrett, Jerry
Jarrett, Jill
Joe, Corsica
Joe, Gypsy
Johnson, Bubba
Johnson, Craig
Johnson, David
Johnson, Dwayne
Joker, The
Jones, Greg
Jones, Jason
Jones, Rufus R
Junkyard Dog
Kai, Leilani
KAIT Channel 8 (Jonesboro AR)
Karate Kid
Karbo, Wally
Kaye, Tawnie
Keith, Toby
Keller, Trae
Keller, Wade
Kemp, Cathy Schave
Ken's Gold Club
Kentuckiana Championship Wrestling
Kenyon, J Michael
KickAss Wrestling (Memphis)
Killen, Buddy
King Killer
King Mabel
King, Rex
Koloff, Ivan
LA Thunderbirds
Ladies International
   Wrestling Association
Ladies Professional
   Wrestling Association (LPWA)
Lady Satan (Cora Combs)
Landel, Buddy
Lane, Cowboy Frankie
Larson, Beverly
Larson, Herb
Lasorda, Tommy
Latham, Larry
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Lawler, Kevin
Layfield, John Bradshaw
  Leather, Peggy Lee
Leathers, Nicky
LeBell, Mike
LeDuc, Karl
Lee, Buddy
Lee, Richard
Lee, Sara
Leone, Antone (Ripper)
Lewis, Don
Lil, Diamond
Limbaugh, Rush
Lindsay, Carol
Link, Rick
Little Josh (midget)
Little Mo
Little Tokyo (midget)
Littlebrook, Lord (midget)
Lone Eagle (midget)
Longhorn Ballroom
Longo, Lou
Louisville Gardens
Love, Christopher
Love, Tasha Simone
Lucky P
Luger, Lex
Lynn, Jerry
Maclin, Cory
Madison Square Garden
Main Event Wrestling
Majors, Selena
Malone, Pat
Mandrell, Louise
Mann, Terry
Manning, Chad
Manning, Louise
Mantel, Dutch
Marlin, Eddie
Martel, Sherri
Martin, David
Martin, Judy
Marvin, Dan
Matthews, Joey
Maynes, Carlos
McAlister, Rhonda
McAllister, Gator
McBride, Lauryn
McClain, Charly
McClarity, Billy
McClarity, Ron
McCord, Ric
McCorkle, Ed
McDevitt, Dan
McDowell, Ronnie
McKeever, Scotty
McMahon Jr., Vince
McMahon, Stephanie
McPeake, Tammy
Meltzer, Dave
Merritt, Fromey
Messner, Roe
Micelli, Medusa
Michaels, Chris
Michaels, Rick
Michaels, Shawn
MidSouth Coliseum
MidStates Championship Wrestling
Miller, Jerry
Miller, Mark (of Sawyer Brown)
Miller, Mean Mike
Miller, Moo Moo
Millican, Dave
Mimi, Magnificent
Miss Linda
Miss Texas
Mitchell, Peggy
Mitchell, Tim
Mitchem, Wynette (Mama)
Mites, Mighty
Mix Factory
Mondt, Toots
Moody, Bill
Moolah, Fabulous
Moore, Jackie
Moore, Shannon
Morgan, Heidi Lee
Morley, Sean
Morrell, Frank
Morton, Freddie
Morton, Ricky
Muchnick, Sam
Mungo, Becky
Muraco, Don
Murdoch, Dick
Murphy, Michael Martin
Murphy, Steve
Murray, David
Music City Wrestling Georgia
Music City Wrestling
Nash, Tom
Nashville Fairgrounds
Nashville Municipal Auditorium
Nashville Network
Nashville Palace
Nashville Speedway
Nate the Rat
National Wrestling Alliance
Neighbors, Paul
Nelson, Ricky
Newman, Tosh
Newsom III, Robert
Newsome, Ron
Noble, Kay
North American All-Star Wrestling
Norton, Pat
Nulty, Mark
NWA Wildside
NWA Worldwide
Olympic Auditorium
Oman Arena
Orndorff, Terry
Orton, Barry
Orton, Randy
Overstreet, Danny
Owen, Don
Owens, Kita
Ozark Mountain Wrestling
P.Y. Chu Hi
Pain, Bull
Pain, Samantha
Paris, Air
Parks, Reggie
Parton, Cindy Hoylene
Pastorius, Marcus
Patriot, The
Patterson, Pat
Patterson, Peggy
Pedicino, Joe
Perschmann, Paul
Petersen, Desiree
Phillips, Treach
Pierce, Dale
Pierson, Grey
Pillman, Brian
Piper, Roddy
Plumtree, Mortimer
Poffo, Angelo
Poole, Mickey
Porter, Mike
Powell, Randy
Power, Terry
Prentice, Marilyn
Prentice, Robert
Pretty Young Things
Price, Rod
Prichard, Bruce
Prichard, Tom
Princess Dark Cloud
Pringle III, Percy
Pringle, Marcel
Pro Wrestling This Week
Pulaski, Stan
Queen and His Court
Race, Harley
Rapada Jr., Mike
Rapada, Mike
Reed, Butch
Rheingans, Brad
Rhodes, Dusty
Rhodes, Randy
Rich, Davey
Rich, Gary
Rich, Tommy
Richards, Stevie
Richter, Wendy
Riggins, Reno
Ringer, John
  Rivers, Zeke
Riviera, Frenchy
Robin, Rockin'
Rocket Palace
Rocket, Randy
Rogers, Henry
Rogers, Rex
Rogers, Rip
Roller Derby
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Rose, Pat
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Rossi, Len
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Roze, Vic
Rusa, Cheryl
Russell, Lance
Russo, Vince
Ruth, Glenn
Ryder, Bob
Samples, Mike
San Antonio (territory)
San Francisco Bay Bombers
Sannizarro, Gino
Santa Claus
Savage, Johnny
Sawyer, Bart
Sawyer, Brett Wayne
Sawyer, Buzz
Scarpello, Joe
Schroeder, Hans
Selker, Mark
Sewell, Shane
Sexton, Ron
Sexton, Susan
Shamrock, Ken
Shaw, Mike
Sheik, The
Shepherd, Donna
Sherry, Pat
Shields, Mike
Simmons, Herb
Sircy, Mike
Smartt, Pamela
Smith, Jimmy
Smithson, Bill
Smoky Mountain Wrestling
Smothers, Tracy
Solie, Gordon
South, George
Southern All-Star
   Championship Wrestling
Southern heavyweight title
   Championship Wrestling
Spiccoli, Louie
Spiders, The
St. John, Michael
Stack, Steve
Starr Twins
Starr, Dustin
Starr, Joe
Starr, Mark
Starr, Ron
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Steamboat, Ricky
Steele, Ricky
Steiner, Scott
Stevens, Chase
Stevens, Ray
Stevens, Sean
Stewart, Rick
Stokes, Kay
Stolzman, Richard
Stratton, Steve
Street, Adrian
Street, Marilyn
Studio 45
Studio A
Sturdevant, Gary
Styles, AJ
Sugar, Sweet Brown
Superstars of Wrestling (TV show)
Sweetan, Bob
Tanaka, Pat
Tant, Ann
Tate Twins
Tatum, John
Taylor, Chaz
Taylor, Sean
Taylor, Terry
Thatcher, Les
The Asylum
Thesz, Lou
Thompson, Brian
Thompson, Curtis
Tillis, Mel
Timbs, Ken
Titus, Darrell
TNA (Total Nonstop Action)
Tokyo Bomb Angels 96
Top Rope Wrestling
Torres, Alberto
Tramel, Brian
Travis, Billy Joe
Travis, Randy
Triple H
Tucker, Tanya
Tyler, Rip
Ueda, Umanosuke
Umstead, John
Universal Championship Wrestling
Uptown Rockers
USA Championship Wrestling
USA Network
Vachon, Luna
Valentine, Romeo
Valiant, Gary
Valladares, Ralphie
Vampire Warrior
Van Drisse, Trent
Ventura, Jesse
Vicious, Sid
Von Brauner, Kyle
Von Erich, Chris
Von Erich, Fritz
Von Erich, Kerry
Von Erich, Kevin
Von Keller, Franz
Von Raschke, Baron
Voodoo Malumba
Wagner, Porter
Walker, Chris
Walsh, Debbie
Walton, Jeff
Ware, Koko
Warrington, Charles
Watts, Bill
Wayne, Buddy
Wayne, Ken
Weatherby, T.J.
Welch, Roy
West, Blackie
West, Dottie
West, Randy
West, Shelley
Western States Wrestling Alliance
Whatley, Pez
Wheeler, Joe
Whippleman, Harvey
White, Jim
Whitlock, Bobby
Wilde, Debbie T.
Wilkes, Del
Williams, Luke
Wilson, Bill
Wine, Brandy
WLMT-TV Channel 30 (Memphis)
WMC-TV Channel 5 (Memphis)(
Wolfie D
World Championship Wrestling (WCW)
World Class Wrestling
World Organization Wrestling
World Wide Wrestling
Wrestling Observer Newsletter
Wright, Juanita
WWE 91
WWF Superstars
Yamamoto, Tojo
Yancey, Tammy
York, Christian
Young, David
Young, Gary
Young, Mae

Reviews and comments

  "Raising Cain: From Jimmy Ault to Kid McCoy" is great!  Much more than a wrestling autobiography!  It's also about life, making your own opportunities and human nature.
Rich Marzulli

  Just finished this book tonight.  Scott Teal did a awesome job on this book, which is the norm for anything he does from Crowbar Press.  It was written in interview form and was such a great read.
  The number one thing I took from the book is how much Bert Prentice loved pro wrestling.  He started helping out at shows in Iowa and it grew from there.  He worked in San Antonio, Kansas City, Portland, Memphis, Nashville, and a few other promotions, as well.  He promoted and owned a few different promotions in and around Nashville (most well-known was Music City Wrestling) and Jackson, Tennessee, and also had a good run of well-attended shows in Jonesboro, Arkansas. H e has done it all in the business.  Wrote articles for programs, postered the towns, set up and tear down, sold tickets, wrestled, promoted ... this man lived and breathed pro wrestling every single day until he passed away on August 4, 2021.  Much was written about his friendship with Jerry "The King" Lawler and how, even when they were at odds, they always did what was best for business.
  If you are a fan of the territory days of wrestling, then you will enjoy this book.  I enjoyed it very much!  Thank you, Scott.
Leonard Brand

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