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2 DVD–R set


Running Time
4 hours

Publisher: Crowbar Press

Cover: Full color

Item #: swtl-09

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Dennis' first professional match was wrestling inmates at Pendleton Reformatory Prison in Indiana. A few years later, he was trading holds with superstars like Buddy Rogers, Yukon Eric, Ray Stevens, Don Eagle, and Bill Miller. With Les Thatcher and Roger Kirby, Dennis became one of the three wrestling "cousins," and made a name for himself as a main eventer in the southern states.

Everett Hoppus, carnival wrestler
•  Growing up in New Castle, Indiana
•  Training with a shooter
•  Learning one hold at a time
•  Wrestling inmates at Pelton Reformatory
•  Killer Long's School of Wrestling
•  Worked shoot matches
•  From the outlaws to the big time
•  Yukon Eric goes off his feet
•  Killing Jim Barnett's territory
•  "Don Eagle presents wrestling"
•  Buddy Rogers imposter
•  El Santo and Blue Demon
•  Cockroach motel
•  Trouble with customs
•  Roger Kirby's car is impounded
•  Swerved by Frankie Talaber
•  Bill Frazier, prospective wrestler
•  Confronting Frankie Talaber
•  Headed to Calgary
•  Magnificent Max and Ernie Roth
•  Les Thatcher, Rookie of the Year
•  Problems with working with local talent
•  Working at Detroit's Olympia Stadium
•  Working for the opposition in Indianapolis
•  Flying with Dick the Bruiser
•  Working for the police department
•  The blond-haired policeman
•  Roger and Dennis Dolly
•  Johnny Long sleeps in the ring
•  The Wrestling Cousins
•  The sharkskin suit
•  Jim Crockett Sr.
•  First tour of Japan
•  Off to Nashville, Tennessee
•  Fan in the dressing room
•  Dennis gets a golden shower
•  First meeting with Nick Gulas
•  Heel and babyface in the office
•  The philosophy of tag team wrestling
•  Jealousy in the dressing room
•  Main event money
•  Ken Lucas calls the shots
•  Les Thatcher's love for travel
•  Les Thatcher gets married in the ring
•  Establishing the Knoxville territory
•  Mack York facelocks a fan
•  "Don't sell nothin'! Your mother's here."
•  Johnny "Rubberman" Walker
•  Wrestling Buddy Rogers and Ray Stevens
•  "Take two!"
•  Screwing up the finish
•  Chico Cortez gets drunk
•  Good advice from the Sheik
•  Mistaken for Eddie Graham
•  The Mummy talks to the girls
•  Dennis Hall disappears
•  The Zodiac and Taurus
•  Booker Louie Tillet
•  "No cheap heat!"
•  A wrestling fan finds a blade
•  Wearing a mask
•  Mario Galento talks to Mexicans
•  Scott Teal learns Taurus' identity
•  The losers' corner
•  Unmasked by Jack Brisco
•  Booking mixup
•  Memories of Karl Gotch
•  Bill Miller's admission
•  Bob Orton Jr. learns a lesson about heeling
•  Bob Orton Sr., the human shield
•  The dangers of wrestling in Puerto Rico
•  Teaming with George Gulas
•  Positive and negatives
•  Tested loyalties
•  Dennis lays down the law
•  Sir Clements makes a prediction
•  Stuck in Birmingham
•  Wrestling Jerry Barber wearing duplicate outfits
•  Jerry Lawler, tattoo artist
•  The Panther and The Penis
•  Life after wrestling
•  Roger Kirby and Don Fargo at the hotel
•  Fargo hocks the title belts

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