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2 DVD–R set


Running Time
4 hours, 8 minutes

Publisher: Crowbar Press

Cover: Full color

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Duke’s introduction to professional wrestling took place when he was an inmate at a Federal Penitentiary.  After learning the lucha style from Mexican champion Antonio Segura, he was released from prison and continued his training with Soldat Gorky.  Duke main evented shows in many of the major territories, including Calgary, Amarillo, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.  Duke tells story after story about his time on the road.

Some of the topics covered by Duke include:

DVD #1
•  Growing up in Oregon
•  Amateur wrestling
•  Serving time in the Federal Penitentiary
•  Wrestling in prison
•  Learning lucha style from Antonio Segura
•  Amelia Island light heavyweight champion
•  Training with Soldat Gorky
•  Working as a bouncer
•  Getting a wrestling license
•  Going to the commission doctor
•  Wrestling in Phoenix, Arizona
•  Tag teaming with a mark
•  Cowboy Bob Ellis clobbers Reb Russell
•  Wrestling Victor the bear
•  Wrestling in the Utah Federal Penitentiary (as a visitor)
•  Getting over as a heel in the gym
•  Role reversal
•  Duke gets heat with his sister
•  Ringside Rosie and the megaphone
•  Macaroni and cheese and tuna fish
•  Andre the Giant gets Duke’s mother drunk
•  Terry Garvin puts the heat on mom
•  “Mom, don’t call me Lewis!”
•  Leroy McGuirk’s $1,000 offer
•  How Lewis became Duke Myers
•  Lord Alfred Hayes and the Indians
•  Bill Watts puts Duke over
•  Teaming with Terry Garvin
•  Defending the wrestling business
•  A warning from Dory Funk Sr.
•  Duke gets his first big push
•  The Lawman is knocked unconscious
•  Duke runs over a deer in Louisiana
•  “Dory Funk Jr. may beat me, but he ain’t gonna eat me.”
•  “You have appendicitis? Can you still work tonight?”
•  Wrestling after having a vasectomy
•  Terry Funk cuts Duke
•  Learning to use the blade
•  Bobby Eaton changes his mind
•  The Man in the Red Mask
•  Frank Hickey's Olympic weights
•  Mother Hickey preps the dressing room
•  Spaceman Frank Hickey
•  "Kayfabe the leg!"
•  Dynamite Kid cuts Davey Boy Smith
•  Eddie Creatchman's cattle prod
•  Duke retaliates with shoefly
•  Eating Nick Gulas' sandwiches
•  Jimmy Garvin's new car
•  Terry Garvin in the redneck bar
•  Jimmy's waterbed
•  Patty Garvin demands police protection
•  Vaseline on Bill Kazmeier's windshield
•  Grizzly Smith chops the cowboy
•  Bob Sweetan and the cowboy turn gay on a hitchhiker
•  Making bets with Bob Sweetan
  DVD #2
•  Turning babyface on Tommy Gilbert and Eddie Marlin
•  Working four times for $10 extra
•  Working with the McGuire twins
•  The McGuire twins blow up
•  Working stiff with Grizzly Smith
•  Wrestling in the Maritimes
•  Tor Kamata and the lobster heads
•  Car accident
•  Unexpected haircut
•  Forced layoff
•  Teaming with Count Drummer
•  Little Bruiser gives Duke a backdrop
•  Jack Howe moons the ladies
•  A warning from Sandy Parker
•  Jimmy Valiant and Duke work the crowd
•  Marijuana in Frank Marconi’s tobacco pouch
•  Snake in a restaurant
•  A girl from the audience beats the bear
•  Bill Watts takes a backdrop
•  Death in the audience
•  Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
•  Playing golf with Karl Gotch
•  Karl Gotch stretches a wrestling coach
•  Moose Morowski stretches Karl Gotch
•  Dennis Stamp’s spectacular ring entrance
•  Wall-to-wall cockroaches
•  Jerry Lawler scoots out of the ring
•  Managed by Andy Kaufman
•  The Colossus of Death
•  A fan gives Duke his notice
•  Dick Murdock begs Duke to make a comeback
•  Dynamite Kid’s roommate
•  Rat poison
•  Atomic bomb in Dynamite Kid’s trunks
•  The Irish Whip
•  Dynamite Kid breaks Duke’s neck
•  Butch Moffitt is deserted in the ring
•  Stu Hart chokes out Duke’s wife
•  Stu Hart serves discarded produce
•  Stu Hart sprays the tray
•  Stu Hart’s Cadillac
•  The show must go on
•  “A compliment” from Smith Hart
•  Bruce, Keith, Dean, Bret, Owen, and Shed Hart
•  Smith Hart’s dog gets an STD
•  Bobby Bass sleeps with his title belt
•  Collision with a horse
•  Rod Hayter’s wrestling debut
•  The generosity of Stu Hart
•  Al Tomko’s payoffs
•  David Shultz attempts a hardway
•  Bruce Hart’s booking ideas
•  The blonde-haired faggot

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