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2 DVD–R set


Running Time
3 hours, 38 minutes

Publisher: Crowbar Press

Cover: Full color

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Duke’s introduction to professional wrestling took place when he was an inmate at a Federal Penitentiary.  After learning the lucha style from Mexican champion Antonio Segura, he was released from prison and continued his training with Soldat Gorky.  Duke main evented shows in many of the major territories, including Calgary, Amarillo, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.  Duke tells story after story about his time on the road.

Some of the topics covered by Duke include:

DVD #1
•  Working for the WWF in Calgary
•  Taking time off from the wrestling business
•  Duke's refuses to wear pink
•  Upstaged by Goldie Rogers
•  Duke takes out the timekeeper
•  Dynamite Kid gets John Foley in trouble
•  Liquid heat
•  Dropping pills in John Foley's drinks
•  John Foley wrestles Lou Thesz
•  Kung Fu fighting
•  Jim Neidhart fights Texas Red Miller
•  Bench press contest with Jim Neidhart
•  Harley Race's driving habits
•  TG Stone gets loose
•  Mike Sharpe sells for a fan
•  Mike Sharpe and the bag of tuna fish
•  Kissing babies
•  Teaming with Bobby Bass
•  Scott Ferris in Japan
•  The missing toilet paper
•  Keeping Bad News Allen in the ring
•  Dumping Charles Buffong over the top rope
•  Thirty-second match
•  “Wandy Webah to the wescue!”
•  Mr. Hito says, "No high spot!"
•  Twenty pounds of shrimp
•  Drinking with Kerry Brown
•  Duke answers Bret Hart's question honestly
•  Bret Hart dropkicks Duke's heels
•  Bret Hart's psychology of a botched high spot
•  Receipts for Keith and Bret Hart
•  Little white bugs
•  Peter Maivia
•  Squarehead
•  Faceoff with Brian Pillman
•  A challenge to Brian Pillman
•  Helen Hart answers the phone
•  Duke takes a bump for Gama Singh
•  Curry vs Garlic
•  Mike Hammer the masochist
•  Five-pound mouth with a ten-pound tongue
•  Duke gets Jerry Morrow in trouble with Bad News Allen
•  Jerry Morrow brings a knife to the ring
•  Teaching a fan a lesson
•  Jude Rosenblum clears front-row ringside
•  Buddhist prayer
•  Mike Shaw and the battering ram
•  Dan Koloff's hair restorer
•  Wakamatsu and the hairspray
•  Billy Jack Haynes breaks into the business
•  Turning the Blond Bombers babyface
•  A gift from Larry Latham's girlfriend
•  The reverse neckbreaker
  DVD #2
•  Doing promos
•  Dynamite Kid snaps his opponent's ankle
•  Wrestling under a mask
•  Patty Garvin gives Duke a haircut
•  The art of calling a match
•  Ring psychology
•  Babyfaces and heels
•  Working with Lord Alfred Hayes
•  Wrestling the referee in Puerto Rico
•  The flying whiskey bottle
•  List of injuries
•  Tom Jones' phantom headbutt
•  Indecent exposure
•  Lonnie Mayne pulls a rib on Duke
•  How to throw a working punch
•  Learning by watching
•  Terry Garvin the ring general
•  Cedric Hathaway the alternate referee
•  Respecting the business
•  Whiners
•  Booking the Calgary territory
•  Hamburger on the road, steak at home
•  Three-day marriage
•  "I wanna be a wrestler, dad."
•  Life after wrestling
•  Road rage
•  Steroids
•  Dynamite Kid and steroids
•  Roid rage
•  Availability of steroids in Canada
•  Weight training with Davey Boy Smith
•  Ron Starr and Adolph
•  1:34:41 to 1:35:07 - cut
•  Getting revenge on Bruce Hart
•  Masked Superstar, the heel babyface
•  Chocolate chip cookies for ??
•  Frank Shields passes out in the ring
•  Dan Dune and the jalapeno peppers

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